Are You Haunted by Events from Your Past?
Would You Like to Remove The Emotional Connection You Have to Negative Past Events?WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO IT IN SECONDS USING A SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TECHNIQUE?

We are all affected by our past experiences. They help to shape the people we become. Many times there are positive things that happen to us that help to make us well-adjusted and emotionally competent individuals. However, some of the events that we experienced in the past can have very negative effects on our relationships, careers, financial circumstances, health and other areas of our lives in the present.

Why Release The Past?

Although it may seem very obvious how negative past events affect your life if you have experienced extremely negative situations in your life but our past affects us in many more subtle ways as well.

If you have experiences traumatic or emotionally disruptive events in your life then you will understand why releasing the past is so important. However, there are many more positive reasons for releasing your emotional connection to the past and freeing your consciousness to be more in-tune and relaxed in the present moment.

How The Past Affects The Present

The mind works very much like a computer. We all know that if you have a virus in your computer and you don’t remove it, the virus will affect the effective functioning of the computer and it won’t work correctly.

The mind works in exactly the same way. You see when you experience a traumatic or negative event in your life it causes certain emotions to be evoked from within you. What most people do is try to suppress these painful emotions.

pastWhen your thoughts turn to the past event these emotions are then once again brought to the surface of your conscious and fill your mind. The automatic reaction is to try to suppress these emotions and thoughts again. They then become encoded into the subconscious mind and form “programs” in your mind that act like viruses!

Therefore these thoughts and emotions stay in your subconscious and interfere with your success, happiness, health, interpersonal relationships and more. When you have experienced a very traumatic event it can often resurface and haunt your waking (and even sleeping) life.


These occurrences can be unbearable and removing them is essential for you well-being and to maintain a healthy state of mind.

However, everything that has ever happened to you, and your reaction to it, is stored in your subconscious mind and either positively guides your actions in life or negatively guides them!

In order to ensure you are no longer haunted by traumatic or negative effects from your past you must remove the viruses in your bio-computer (your mind).

Likewise, if you wish to root out the negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions that are affecting your life and stopping you from achieving success, perfect health, loving relationships and more then you need to eliminate the subtle viruses that have been caused by negative past programming!

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Releasing The Past

Releasing the past has much greater an effect on your life than merely freeing you from uncomfortable feelings and thoughts. Although this is probably the main reason why you are visiting this page you should be aware that a different world awaits you when you confront your own inner limitations created by past experiences that you may have consciously forgotten!

Many self improvement courses and methods simply tell you what you should do to create a better life for yourself. They rarely offer practical useable techniques and methods to do this.

Many personal development gurus will tell you about the importance of thinking positively and focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t want. They will tell you that by focusing on your past negative experiences you are merely reinforcing. Yet, they never tell you how to let this negativity go and how to think positively!

This is where The Release Technique® differs greatly from every other self improvement course, technique, method or advice. It is an experiential process that you will learn from the very first CD!

You will discover how to release the past and be able to prove to yourself instantly that your emotional connection to it has gone – forever!

The Release Technique

release-techniqueThere is nothing worse than being haunted by a past event and having to endure the painful emotions associated with it.

Removing the emotional connections you have to past events and memories is one of the easiest things to remove using this amazingly fast and effective technique. The Release Technique is designed to do just that!

Through a series of simple questions and a technique that has been successfully taught to five-year-old children you can release emotions and negative thoughts within seconds even if you have been plagued by them for 60 years.

As a means of eliminating debilitating emotion connections to past events the Release Technique can do so much more.

The Release Technique course has been created to allow you to, not only remove painful memories from the past but also, improve your health, financial status and relationships.

When we first discovered this technique we really did believe it was all hype – until we tried it! It seriously does work and it works like nothing we have ever tried before or since!

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The Release Technique® has been scientifically verified by Harvard and the State University of New York Medical Schools Study. It is a process that works every time you use it. It takes seconds to perform the simple technique and you see immediate results.

It is easily possible to remove any self-imposed limitation with seconds and also eliminate the painful emotions associated with memories in the same amount of time. However, sometimes you need to spend a few hours “releasing” in order to remove a particularly stubborn problem. Imagine being able to remove a painful memory, negative emotions, negative thoughts, negative beliefs and inner limitations within seconds, minutes or at the most a few hours! What’s more the technique is actually enjoyable to use.

Very often after you “let-go” of a negative emotion, memory or belief you get this incredibly giddy, light feeling in your stomach that has to be experienced as it is very hard to explain.

If you are serious about releasing your past and honestly want to experience real-world positive changes in your life then we urge you to get this course. At the very least visit the site listed below and try a sample process – you will be amazed!

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