The Release Technique Reviewed

Imagine Being Able to Create Unlimited Financial Abundance, Perfect Health, Overflowing Happiness & Fulfilling RelationshipsJust By Asking Yourself a Few Simple Questions!

Sounds too good to be true … right?!

Well, what if it wasn’t.

I ask you to please suspend your disbelief for just long enough to read this post and I promise you will discover something amazing – what could arguably be called the most powerful self-improvement tool in existence!

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What Is The Release Technique?

The Release Technique is a revolutionary method for removing negativity on the spot.

Lester LevensonIt has been used to create millionaires and heal illness in many people. And what’s more it just got even better!

The Release Technique was designed to help you ‘release’ or ‘let-go’ of all your inner limitations. It is derived from the same process as the Sedona Method although it is taught in a much more advanced course (which we have found gets better results).

Both The Release Technique and The Sedona Method center on a very unusual method of identifying and then removing your subconscious blocks to success, peace and joy. The method/technique for doing this is often refereed to as “releasing”.

The Release technique was devised by Lester Levenson and incorporated into a self-improvement course designed to teach you how to become wealthy, healthy, peaceful and happy. The Release Technique is taught in the Abundance Course which can be bought in a CD course.

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Lester Levenson’s Story

Back in 1952 a physicist called Lester Levenson, at the age of 42, had reached many of his goals in life.

Although he had some of the physical trappings of success he was a deeply unhappy and unhealthy man.

Lester Levenson release technique creatorAfter his second major heart attack Lester’s doctors sent him home to his penthouse apartment, overlooking Central Park, to die!

Lester was told not to exert any effort and even buy himself loafers as reaching down to tie his shoe laces would probably kill him!

Lester was angry, bitter and desperate to live.

He decided he would find a way to change his circumstances. If he failed he knew he could always take enough medication to kill himself rather than wait on death to claim him!

Lester, being a successful physicist and engineer, first sought the answers to his situation through the writings of other scientists, religion and philosophers but found nothing he could use.

He therefore decided to do what he always did, seek the answers himself.

During three months of intensive self-inquiry Lester was shocked to discover that his thoughts created his world in a very real and tangible way. For a materialist this was a dramatic change in perspective.

Larry Crane presents the Release Technique home study courseHe then discovered that it was his own inner limitations that had created all his physical illness and every problem he had ever encountered in his life.

It was during that time he created and perfected the release technique.

The release technique became a way for Lester to instantly remove these inner limitations and within that three month period he completely healed himself of all his illness.

He tested his release technique on physical goals and found that he could achieve anything using it. Within 6 months he was a multi-millionaire.

For the next 42 years Lester lived in a feeling of profound peace and taught the release technique to many people showing them how they could use it to achieve financial abundance, total health, perfect relationships and, most importantly, unlimited happiness.

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Life’s Problems

We all encounter problems in life. Some are more challenging than others. Although many of us seek the answers to life’s questions long before we get to a life and death situation such as Lester’s, our problems are no less serious or stressful to us.

How many times have you encountered the same problem over and over again yet no matter what you do circumstances and situations remain the same or just keep being re-created?


    The Release Technique
Name 3 areas of your life that are not working.


These problems are merely the result of your subconscious thought processes. You are holding beliefs in the deepest recesses of your mind that are affecting those areas of your life.

In order to improve your situation you must identify and remove these negative beliefs.

When you do this things seem to miraculously change for the better automatically!

The Release Technique is the Solution

The Release Technique is a highly effective tool for ‘releasing’ or “letting go” of negativity literally on the spot.

The Release Technique, presented by Larry Crane (a one time friend and student of the method’s creator, the late, Lester Levenson), was originally marketed under the name “the Abundance Course” and was sold as a CD course.

Discover the real reason you are not achieving your goalsAs it has gained in popularity Crane has revamped the course and digitized it for immediate download as a home study course.

You can also get a compact version of the technique in book form. The book is a great introduction to releasing but if you want to get the full benefit that this self-improvement technique offers then I strongly advise you to invest in the full course.

Larry Crane claims that the Release Technique can be used to obtain anything you want and will allow you to easily have all that you physically desire.

He teaches you how to release all the negative emotions and thoughts that are getting in the way of you having, being or doing whatever it is you want to have, be or do!


Larry Crane

Larry Crane is a self-made multi-millionaire businessman, author and teacher. He has featured in such prestigious magazines as Time and appeared many times on television.

Larry started out life in a poor working-class environment with no advantages and just an attitude to succeed.

However, by 1976 he was riddled with illness and seriously contemplating suicide.

Then came the day that changed his life.

Larry by chance came across a flyer for a seminar by Lester Levenson and was immediately drawn to it. This simple flyer introduced him to a lifetime of “releasing”.

Since that early introduction to Lester’s teachings Larry has received so many benefits from using the Release Technique that he promised Lester, just before he passed away in 1996, that he would continue his work of teaching the Release technique and get it out to as many people as he could.

The Release Technique Home Study Course


The Release Technique Creates Miracles

The release technique is highly effective when it is applied to the removal of all those negative feelings, aggravations, annoyances and fears that we carry around with us everyday.

You even learn to remove those blocks and negative emotions/thoughts that you are totally unaware of right now.

For this reason alone it is the most powerful self improvement tool on the planet. However, the benefits you can gain from its use go much further than that!

People from all walks of life with all kinds of problems have used the Release Technique to create unbelievable changes in their lives.

Serious illness’ have been miraculously cured, financial problems disappear and relationship issues dissolve.


      The Release Technique

Name 3 things you want.



According to Larry Crane all of your desires are easily achievable when you use the release technique to eliminate your inner obstacles to having them!

Achieving your Goals with the Release Technique

Release_TechniqueThe reason why you can easily achieve your desires by using the Release technique is because it removes the subconscious programs that have been stopping you from achieving those desires.

A Release Technique approach to goal-achievement is very effective.

It can be used to resolve any outstanding emotional, physical or mental issue and clear away blocks to obtaining your goals.

We all know that our thoughts and feelings affect our actions. So, imagine if you could remove those subconscious thoughts and feelings that are making your automatic behaviors work against you instead of for you!

Imagine if you could dissolve enough of your own deeply buried subconscious negative to programs to allow your goal to manifest effortlessly?


      The Release Technique
List 3 benefits of identifying and releasing subconscious negativity.


The Release Technique Home Study Course


The Release Technique Course is a revolutionary product.

If you are a seasoned “releaser” (using The Sedona Method it will help you go deeper into releasing and let you know when you have removed enough of your unwanted limitations to achieve a physical manifestation of your goals and/or abundance in all areas of your life.

Get the Release technique home study course nowIf you are new to releasing then you have nothing to worry about as The Abundance Course takes you from the very begining baby steps to advanced “releasing”..

OK this product is truly brilliant but is there any drawback? Well yes there is – it’s the price. At almost $300 it isn’t that cheap. However, it is truly worth many thousands of times that amount!

You really need to ask yourself how much is health, financial independence and happiness worth to you – because all these things, and more, are possible with The Release Technique.

If you were to find a genie in a bottle, who could give you all your heart’s desires, how much would you be willing to pay for it?

This product works!

The Release Technique alone can help you to eliminate all your unwanted feelings, thoughts and limitations. However, when you use the goal-setting modules to get fully “released” on a goal it is indispensible as you watch the goal effortlessly materialise in yoru life.

Using the Release Technique there is truly nothing that you cannot aciveve. I cannot recommend it highly enough. After all you do deserve it.

Michael McGrath September 2013

Since learning The Release Technique, and also using the Goals & Resistance Course (advanced “releasing” exercises) I have literally changed my life in all areas. There is no question in my mind that this amazing tool has allowed me to become financially independent and a goal-achiever in every area of my life.

I seriously urge you to at least try this technique – you will not be sorry!






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