Relaxing The Mind!

What is relaxation really? Do you have a set of criteria that must be evident before you think you are relaxed? Should your body be free from tension and your mind free from stress? How can you achieve this?

Is it even possible?

In the modern world relaxation involves freeing yourself from tension of both the body and the mind. Although relaxing your body may be possible, or seem possible, simply by sitting in front of the television of lying down on bed many times even when we do this there is still a high degree of physical tension in the muscles of the body!

When it comes to relaxing the mind things get even tougher! Your mind has thoughts that race around your head all day long. It has been determined that we have 50,000 thoughts per day. These are the conscious thoughts which you are aware of during the day – those deliberate thought process you use while working and also the fleeting that thoughts that come and go with little effort on your part.

Even when you sleep your mind does not becomes inactive. Hundreds of thousands of subconscious thoughts are constantly active in your mind at any one time!

In the modern world we have become accustomed to being stressed. In fact we believe that stress is a natural and normal part of the working week and that we can only really unwind at the weekends! We use alcohol, television and other outside “crutches” to escape our stresses in order to experience even a little relief!

Is this really the type of stress relief that you want? Do you want to vegetate in front of the TV or harm your body with substances that leave you feeling awful the next day and that damage your health?

Is there a better way to deal with stress?

Although stress has become acceptable and what most people view as an almost essential part of success it is not. You do not have to suffer from stress to be successful!

Stress can actually be detrimental to your goals. Heightened tension, bit physical and mental, can work against you as you go for your goals.

It is possible to achieve all those things you want to achieve in life while remaining stress free and happy. Imagine being able to remain calm and at peace inside while your outer actions remain focused and intense!

By releasing the emotional attachment you have to the things in your life that create stress it is possible to achieve to this. In fact, if you take a close look at stress you will find it is always due to your emotional state. It is not the outside environment, the circumstance, situation or other person who creates the stress in your life. It is how to react to those things that creates stress inside you.

When you can detach yourself emotionally from your stress-inducing emotions, yet still remained mentally and physically focused, not only will you eliminate your stress but you will also notice your productivity increasing!

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