Relationships – hypnosis can help!

You and I both know that relationships do not always run smoothly. At some point in our lives we all experience pain in relationships. Although each of us has separate lives and unique experiences we all have emotional baggage that we carry over from some painful experiences.

Now, although most relationship pain can be traced back to a romantic entanglement not al pain stems from these types of relationships.

Many people experience upsets from business relationships, ended friendships and even due to the loss of someone close through a loss of contact or even death.

The pain of a relationship ending is often intense and can be even life-transforming. On occasions this pain is so acute that it is “swept under the carpet” and suppressed deep in the subconscious mind where it runs like a virus in a computer system – affecting your current relationships and reactions to others.

Some people then become so fearful of the pain that is associated with such loss that they will not permit themselves to get close to another person again. Many people do this and even consciously forget that they made the decision to do it!

Perhaps your relationships are suffering currently because of some past pain that you have hidden deep in the recesses of your mind. This can have a dramatic effect on your life and your dealings with others – especially those who are close to you.

When we also review our relationships with our parents and our peers we find that many painful experiences have been suppressed and are still actively running in the subconscious mind.

No-one had a perfect childhood and all of us have had instances where we were emotionally hurt as children. Unfortunately, we never truly forget these experiences and they form part of our internal blueprint of ourselves, the world and everyone else in it.

If you have problems in a current relationship it is most likely that you are holding some negative believe, which stems from a past experience, which fuels your behaviours and keeps you automatically acting out the same behavioural patterns.

There are two approaches to identifying and removing negative beliefs and negative emotional behavioural patterns to lead to better, healthier and more productive relationships.

The first is the Sedona Method. This is a technique which is designed to find and eliminate your emotional connections to past memories.

By “releasing” the emotions you are holding to a memory, behaviour, belief or thought, you can free yourself to be more active in the moment and less reactive.

The second approach is self hypnosis.

This is an extremely powerful tool for dealing with relationship issues as it is designed to give immediate and full access to the subconscious mind where all your past experiences and your reactions to them are stored.

If your emotions are getting the better of you in a relationship (or anything else) self hypnosis recordings are a terrific, fast and effective way to get back on track. The relationship healing hypnosis MP3 download is one guaranteed way to solve your problem.

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