Relationship Myths!

There are many myths surrounding the perfect relationship. In fact maybe the biggest myth at all is that a perfect relationship can actually exist! However, perhaps that view is a little too cynical. After all you may not be able to find a relationship that is constantly filled with romantic joy and love with a perfect partner but you can find the perfect partner for you and live in joy and happiness emerged in a feeling of love!

Do you want to find a soul mate? Is your soul mate that one perfect person who is alive only to be with you just as you are alive only to be with that person? Do you expect to meet the perfect partner who will fill your life with joy and endless happiness?

Well you can stop looking now because that person doesn’t exist. There is not just one person for you. There are a multitude of people who make a perfect partner for you. A perfect is match is a “meeting” of two people who can help each other grow, who compliment one and other and who are devoted to living a happy life together. There are lots of people you could do that with and they are not all alike, which shows you that the perfect person does not exist!

Having unrealistic expectations of what the prefect relationship is will lead to nothing but loneliness and heartache – even if you end up in a relationship!

When the fog of infatuation has cleared you will realize that your partner is very much a human being. He or she is a real person with tastes that differ from your own and with goals and dreams that may not exactly match your own.

However, finding the right partner for you, means you should at least share the same values, life goals and expectations from life.

These do not need to be identical just on the same wavelength! After all having an ambitious person married to a slob would never work! Or having a health fanatic married to a cream-bun addict would most probably cause problems!

Finding a perfect partner is about finding someone who compliments you yet also challenges you to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It should also be mutual!

This does not mean that the other person “completes you” or is your “Other half”. Your partner is merely someone whom you love, respect and can share joy, happiness, commitment and growth with!

If you lose that partner through a break-up or other ways you can always find another if you are open to it. However, do not expect any two relationships to be the same.

Relationships are dynamic systems that change over time and even the smallest difference now can make huge differences over time! Be open to the changes. Relationships also need to be worked on.

When you take another person, or your relationship, for granted it will lead to stagnation and eventual destruction. Whether that destruction is the ending of a marriage or civil partnership or just the end of proper communication and love between the two partners doesn’t matter – it is still an ending!

There is no such thing as living a happily ever after just because you met that special someone; you need to work at it!

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