Are the Relationships in Your Life Working?
Have you lost your lover or feel that you are about to?
Is there a specific relationship in your life that you would love to heal?


Relationships are the cornerstone of life. We all seek positive life-affirming relationships. However, sometimes our relationships do not work out as we wished they would.

This review is designed to give you the best products for healing different kinds the relationships in your life. We have therefore centred on three main areas of relationships so you can find the product that suits your unique circumstances.

1. You’ve lost your lover due to a break-up.
2. You want to avoid a break-up that currently looks imminent.
3. You want to improve a relationship with a family member, friend, co-worker etc.

From a self improvement and personal development perspective the first type of break-up may be best left alone. It may be better to move on with your life and try to grow from the experience.

However, there are often circumstances when this is not the case and a relationship has ended due to miscommunication or a myriad of other reasons that can be fixed! In certain circumstances it is better to get your partner back, for example if the break-up was your fault yet you have grown emotionally and spiritually from the experience and now realise you still love you ex partner!

Therefore we tested several products for each relationship type and have added them in this review.

Win Back Your Ex

When a relationship ends it is usually for very good reasons. In most cases the best option is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get on with your life. Learning from the experience can make you a better person and more able to be a better partner in your next relationship. However, sometimes this personal growth takes place before the break-up, or just after it, and you are still left with feelings of love for your ex and want them back.

There are many titles available to help you reunite with an estranged partner but unfortunately most of them are manipulative in nature. There is even one product that openly teaches you “dirty tactics” to regain the affection of your ex partner! This is definitely not the way to go!

Using manipulation and deceptive tactics to win back an ex may work for awhile but it won’t be long before your partner realises what you have done and feels resentment because you deceived him/her.

However, we found a product that shows you how to win back an ex without using deceptive or manipulative techniques which uses a very unique approach. The Mawin-back-exgic of Making Up is a downloadable eBook filled with practical advice, tips and techniques you can start to use straight away and what’s more it is based on sound psychology.

The methods for rebuilding your relationship by reigniting your ex partner’s interest not only work but are aimed at helping you deal the current situation and also making you a better person in the relationship – it is not a quick fix solution aimed at just reuniting you. It is a system for improving your interactions with your partner and making your relationship stronger, more open and communicative and more loving as a result.

The book is very well written with expert and useable advice from the very first page! It even includes an exercise called the “Fast Forward Technique” which is designed to remove your pain and anguish over the situation and help you bring your ex partner closer to you again. This technique is extremely powerful because it is actually The Sedona Method and can be used for many different applications!

If you really want to get your ex back then this is the product to use. It comes with a full 60 day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. So you have peace of mind that your purchase is protected and your results guaranteed.

The Magic of Making Up – Win Back Your Ex

Stopping a Break-up

When you are having trouble in your relationships it is often hard and frustrating when you and your partner continue to be caught in the same behaviours and downward spiral of arguments and miscommunications.

In times like this it is often painful to know that if the situation continues then the inevitable outcome is a break-up. Often people can be very much in love yet find it hard to meet on emotional common ground. If partners experiencing turmoil in their relationship do not take steps to mend their differences then an ending of the relationship is often the only way forward that one or both partners can see.

In the event that a break-up does not happen, usually due to the fear of being alone, wanting to stay with what you know or co-dependency, then the relationship may stay intact but dies on an emotional level.

save-my-relationshipFor those people who are experiencing trouble in their love relationships, and who wish to avoid the aforementioned scenarios, there is hope and a solution!

Bring Back Lost Love is a relationship manual that has high exposure because it works! It has been featured in the press and on television because of its potent four step strategy for healing broken or damaged relationships.

The formula outlined in this guide works on any relationship, regardless if your partner is a man or a woman, because it is designed to work on the psychology of human nature and written to help you become a better person as a result of reading it!

You also get the eBook “You Can Save Your Relationship & Marriage!” completely free with your purchase which comes with a full 60 day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee!

relationship-collectionYou may also be interested in the excellent eBook collection by Oprah’s relationship expert, Michael Webb, called Secrets of the World’s Most Happy Couples.

This collection is comprimised of 16 eBooks and is everything you need to attract, build and maintain a blissful relationship. It is available with the same guarantee as above and all for the price of one eBook!

Bring Back Lost Love – Avoid a Break-up

Secrets of the World’s Most Happy Couples

Mending a Specific Relationship

There are many times in our lives when we become estranged from friends and family members yet we would love to reconnect with them. However, very often our differences, our views or the views and perspective of the other person will not allow this to happen.

What if you had a simple, yet highly effective, way to mend all your broken relationships with absolutely no conscious effort on your part, would you be interested? Regardless of what state your relationships are in The Release Technique can help fix them and build strong, loving connections with everyone around you – no joke!

In fact this amazing technique can be used on any relationship in your life for immediate and permanent positive transformations. The results are amazing. We cannot speak highly enough about this incredible technique.

The technique itself involves changing you from the inside-out. However, it is not about changing the core person that you are. It is all about removing the negativity that you have stored up in your subconscious mind over your lifetime!

release-techniqueThe Release Technique teaches you how to remove your inner negativity and self-imposed limitations within mere seconds! Although it can be used in all areas of your life it has truly amazing effects on your interpersonal relationships. The positive results you get from removing your negative preconceived notions about relationships, yourself and others has a tremendously positive effect on your life – in all areas!

This technique is singly the most important self improvement tool ever created in our opinion and if we could we would ensure every human being on the planet had a copy of the course!!!

If you wish to mend any, or all, of your relationships or you just want to improve them then this technique is for you. The added advantage of being able to use it in other areas of your life, such as health, finances, career etc., makes it the most powerful personal development tool ever created. We have used it for years and it works!

Release Technique


Which product is right for you? To answer that question you need to determine the state of the relationship, or relationships, in your life that you want to work on.

Are you estranged and separated from your partner but want them back? If so then you are best getting “The Magic of Making Up”.

Are you having trouble in your relationship and want to avoid a break-up? Then you can get The Release Technique and focus on that specific situation while you work through the course. This is the best option. However, if you want a cheaper option then you can use either “Bring Back Lost Love” to avoid the break-up or “Secrets of the World’s Most Happy Couples” to rebuild the love and emotional connection in your relationship.

If you are experiencing difficulties with different kind of relationship in your life then The Release Technique is definitely the course to get. This course may seem expensive but the many benefits you get from it far outweigh the price. The additional ability to apply it to any area of your life for immediate improvement make this course worth its weight in gold (actually it is probably 1000 times that amount)!

The Magic of Making Up – Win Back Your Ex

Bring Back Lost Love – Avoid a Break-up

Secrets of the World’s Most Happy Couples.

Relationship Healing with The Release Technique