Recent Scientific Research into Subliminal Messages Shows That They Work

It all started back in 1957 with James Vicary’s infamous experiment with subliminal messages conducted in a Fort Lee, New Jersey film theatre, when the messages “Hungry? Eat Popcorn” and “Thirsty? Drink Coca Cola” were flashed and an unknowing audience.

According to Vicary, at the time, Coke sales rose by 18% and popcorn sales exploded by 38%. Not bad for a few subliminal messages. However, not all was as it seemed.

In 1962, after many other scientists failed to achieve the same results using Vicary’s experiment as a template for their own, Vicary admitted that he had exaggerated his claims and the data from his own experiment was “too small to be meaningful”!

Although the damage had already been done and public outrage had already forced the UK, Australia and the USA Governments to ban the use of subliminals in advertising.

However, recently scientific researchers have shown that if the conditions are right, subliminal advertising to promote a brand can be made to work and subliminal messages do affect our behaviour!

Johan Karremans at the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands and his colleagues wanted to see if they could subliminally induce volunteers to favour a particular brand of drink, Lipton Ice. They were given the choice between Lipton Ice and an equally popular drink that was considered just as effective at quenching thirst.

80% of the volunteers who were exposed to the subliminal messages chose Lipton Ice showing researchers that the subliminal messages were indeed affecting their choices.

It seemed that the volunteers who were actually thirsty were more likely to choose the Lipton Ice than those who were not thirsty. This led the study researchers to believe that subliminal messages have more of an effect if they are relevant to a person’s needs or desires.

So, for example, if you needed car insurance and were exposed to subliminal messages for a particular insurer you would be more likely to choose them over another insurer. However, if you didn’t need insurance the subliminal messages would not make you run out and buy insurance!

As far as personal development is concerned we can see why subliminal messages, in subliminal cds for example, can have such a huge impact on a person.

As you only listen to a subliminal CD of your choice, which is designed to help you make changes in specifically chosen areas of your life, the subliminal messages it contains are highly relevant to your situation!

By choosing a relevant subliminal CD it is possible to make dramatic changes in your life. It seems that the more you do not concentrate on the subliminal product, and do other things, the more powerful and fast-working the subliminal messages become.

With the vast array of subliminal products now available it is easy to find one that suits your individual needs. Should you find it difficult to locate a product that deals specifically with your desires then you also have the option of custom subliminal products which allow you to create your own subliminal messages or you can even use the very latest subliminal technology in subliminal software.

With research data from a host of countries now confirming that subliminal messages work why not take advantage of the effortless way to change?

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