Reawaken Your Joy and Passion for Life!

Most people are living lives in disappointment. They feel stuck and unable to move forward. They have relinquished their dreams and replaced them with a need to be “sensible”. They are settled for less than they can be!

If you are suffering from disappointment in your life and unsure how to move forward there are steps you can take. If you have given up on your dreams and settled for an “ordinary” life then perhaps it is time to shake things up a little.

Do you remember when you had passion for life? Can you recall when you were full of wonder and excitement about all the possibilities that lie before you? Would you like to rekindle your passion and take back control of your destiny?

Sometimes when we have had many setbacks in life it can be hard to even face our dreams. They seem so distant and unattainable that sometimes it feels safer to ignore our desires and bury them deep inside us.

However, we are never truly happy unless we are actively pursuing the things that we know will make us happy!

1. Take some time to reflect on the things that you really want. Regardless of how impossible your dreams may be reflect on them. Think of things that you truly want from life; not what other people think you should want.

The first step to changing your life begins by knowing what ways you want to change it!

2. Next, challenge you internal critic and doubter. Look at your current beliefs and identify those beliefs that do not serve you.

Why is it impossible for you to achieve those things? Ask yourself that question and analyse the answers you get!

When you earnestly review those answers you will find that they are based on beliefs – and beliefs can be changed! What you can believe you can also achieve.

The history of the human race has shown us that a strong vision and belief that that vision can be made a reality is enough to make that vision real! When Roger Banister ran the four-minute mile no one believed it could be done – except him!

3. Visualize your life the way you want it to be. Do this often and back up that vision with strong positive feelings and the belief that what you are creating in your mind is also being created in the real world right as you are doing it!

4. Take action! Take small steps everyday that move you closer to your dreams. No matter how small the steps that you take are, just keep taking them!

Eventually they will lead you to opportunities to take giant leaps that will lead you to your goals!

5. Be Persistent. Never give up!

Follow these simple 5 steps and your life will change in ways that you can only know imagine!

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