Reasons To Quit Smoking!

Most people consider smoking to be a bad habit. To a non-smoker the taste and smell of cigarette smoke is horrible. It also bemuses them why people would spend such vast amounts of money on a habit that gives them very little in return.

Smoking causes death-related illnesses. It also damages your lungs and greatly reduces your ability to undertake even the easiest of physical activities without suffering from loss of breath or coughing.

Apart from alleviating the desire for nicotine and the satiation of the desire to puff on a cigarette there is no real reason to smoke at all. In fact those who smoke are really only smoking to feel like a non-smoker!

Once you understand the important reasons that you have for wanting to quit smoking you will be able to handle the great number of cravings that you will no doubt have once you decide to stop the habit.

Everyone is aware of the long-term health risks involved in smoking yet smokers continue with their habit.

When television advertisements point out the health risks they mostly go unnoticed. Unfortunately as human beings we tend to filter out what we do not want to see or experience and give situations, circumstances and even people meaning that we want them to have.

For this reason most people believe that such health issues created by smoking will not affect them or will at least not affect them for many years. Their desire to satiate their smoking habit overrides their fear of the health consequences!

I believe that a better campaign to stop the smoking habit should concentrate on the financial cost of such a negative addiction. If you were to calculate the amount of money you spend on cigarettes a year you will probably find that you could upgrade your car at the end of the year or considerably reduce your mortgage payments if you were to quit!

When you concentrate on the financial cost and twin it with the health risks stopping smoking becomes a little more attractive. Then when you add the fact that it makes your clothes smell bad and can create a musty, smoky atmosphere in your living area, the habit becomes even more of a turn-off.

Think of the effect it has on your teeth. The tar from a cigarette does not just damage your lungs; it clings to your teeth and discolours them. Eventually sustained smoking causes tar to accumulate in-between your teeth, blackening them, and it also attacks your gums weaken your teeth!

When you add up all the reasons for not smoking and weigh them against the reasosn for smoking it becomes obvious that you should stop now!

Smoking costs money that would pay for new clothes, a holiday, reduce your debt and any number of other things. It makes you smell bad, gives you bad health and bad breath as well as discoursing your teeth and smelling your car and home!

Added to that the fact that you only smoke so that you can feel the same way as a non-smoker it makes sense to stop smoking.

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