Public Speaking!

The fear of public speaking is extremely common. Many people who have to give presentations or face crowds to give lectures or speeches are terrified of it. I used to be terrified of public speaking – now it’s natural and fun.

If you suffer from this phobia then you will recognise the symptoms. You get up to talk and you feet almost give way underneath you. Your mouth dries up. Your palms sweat and your mind goes blank. You move your mouth but nothing comes out and the longer you stand there motionless the more the panic builds up within you!

If your current circumstances dictate that you must speak in public but you are crippled by fear then there are techniques you can apply to calm you down and prepare you for the event.

When you learn to relax and prepare your body and mind you will realise that public speaking can be a fun and exhilarating experience. You do not need to be inhibited by fear or the expectation of disastrous results. You can expect to get your message across clearly, concisely and even be funny in the process – I kid you not!

Relaxation exercises are a great way to prepare your body for public speaking. By taking deep breathes before you stand to deliver your oratory you can enter a more productive state to get your point across.

Do you believe in what you are talking about? Sometimes people have a fear of public speaking because they do not fully believe the hype they are about to “sell” to others. If this is the case then you need to review why you are speaking on the subject in the first place.

However, most of the time you will be speaking about a subject that you are knowledgeable about and perhaps even have a passion for. Remind yourself of this before you talk. You have something worthwhile to offer and people want to hear it – if they didn’t then they wouldn’t be there!

The fear of public speaking usually lies in your expectations. Take inventory of how you are thinking. I bet you have visions of things going terribly wrong. Do you see yourself stumbling over your words or even your feet as you approach the podium? Are you envisioning “hecklers” shouting you down? Do you see yourself forgetting what to say or making a mess of the presentation?

Use visualization to overcome this! Imagine yourself delivering an inspiring speech. Hear the audience clap and cheer wildly as you finish your oration. Feel the satisfaction and pride you have now that you have successful addressed the crowd and won them over.

Get into the positive feeling state of having already successfully accomplished this feat. Really muster up the positive emotions!

Then when these positive emotions are at their height press your thumb and forefinger together and mentally repeat the word “confidence”.

Perform this exercise four times a day for at least three weeks. After just a few days you will notice that when you press your thumb and forefinger together and mentally say the word “confidence” all those positive feelings come flooding back! This is an NLP technique that is highly effective and always works.

Then, when it is time to give your speech, you can press you thumb and forefinger together and mentally say “confidence” and you will be assured of a relaxed, positive, confident mindset when you speak!

Would you like a guaranteed way to remove your public speaking nerves and be able to give the best speech of your life? Then check out public speaking hypnosis now!

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