Potentials Unlimited Review

Potentials Unlimited was created by Barrie Konicov and it is his voice you hear on these excellent hypnosis tapes, cds and MP3s. He began his hypnosis career in 1977 by conducting group “Weight Loss” and “Stop Smoking” classes in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As part of his classes he wrote and recorded two tapes, one for each class. Now he has over 200!

Potentials Unlimited have titles that are grouped under different caetegories ranging from metaphysics to learning a foreign language.“Money – Prosperity” was the first to be tested.

This program consists of a night hypnosis session and a day subliminal. The subliminal uses the background music from the hypnosis session which helps to reinforce the suggestions hidden on it. Barrie Konicov, the hypnotist, is softly spoken and obviously a very competent hynotherapist. He guides you into trance quickly with a unique and uplifting technique involving the sun. You are then asked to visualise yourself as a ‘prosperity track star’!

You see yourself ready to start a 100 metre race. However, between you and the end of the track, where all your prosperity is waiting, there are obstacles – six in all.

PotentialsUnlimited_hurdlesThese six obstacles represent very real blocks to obtaining unlimted prosperity and wealth. By addressing each one in turn you are given the opportunity to overcome these obstacles or remove them from your path. I was never very good at visualising, being more auditory in my thinking.

However, after just the fist listen of the MP3, I had already completely removed one of the obstacles, The Fear Of Poverty and I noticed the difference in my thinking immediately.

After consecutive listening I began to notice my visualisation had begun to change because my obstacles (which I seen as hurdles just like in the olympics) had started to decrease in size totally independent of my own control.

There is also another very unique technique used by Barrie to remove negativity from your mind. It is very effective!

After the initial visualisation post hypnotic suggestions are given which are well thought out and although they are given without any authoritarian or strong manner I found myself thinking “yes that’s true”. It is these same suggestions that are embedded in the subliminal recording.


Potentials Unlimited have produced some truly great hypnosis recordings. I can honestly say that the “Money – Prosperity” program changed my focus from poverty to prosperity. As my world merely follows my beliefs and thoughts I found a slow but very measurable improvement in my physical circumstances. As each new piece of my prosperity puzzle sarted to come together I found myself focusing on these and therefore started to receive more.

My physical circumstances have definately improved and my thinking and beliefs have changed as a result of listening to this program.

Barrie Konicov mentions during the recordings that it takes 30 days to make permenant change, however I found the changes in myself taking effect immediately. Although it was not until after the 30 days that I really noticed a big difference in my physical circumstances.

An added benefit of the program was incresed energy and I was suprised that a medical problem I had suffered from for some time actually abated. I believe this is due to the techniques used by Mr. Konicov at the start of induction when he instructs eparts of the body to work perfectly! A most suprising and welcome side-effect of a most relaxing and beneficial results-producing hynosis session.

Potentials Unlimited