Plus Kits Review


Plus Kits have combined the top three personal development and self improvement technologies to produce six exclusive CD & MP3 recordings. Each one is specifically designed to assist in your personal growth.

pluskit-confidenceEach recording combines Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis to change your thoughts at their very root deep in your subconscious mind. They also include brainwave technology, better known as binaural beats that alter your brainwave frequencies and help induce positive feelings and emotions.

As well as the main hypnosis session, each of the CDs include a five-minute mini-session that you can listen to at any time. Perfect for a pick-me-up and reinforcer whenever you need!

Plus Kits are 21st Century self improvement techniques on CD or MP3 format. They use the three most effective self improvement techniques available today.

  • Hypnosis
    Hypnosis is a method of relaxing the body and disengaging the conscious mind by guiding you into a trance state. Then by feeding positive suggestions to the subconscious your predominant thoughts and emotions can be changed. It is totally safe and can be extremely enjoyable. It is a proven way for removing deep inner blocks and subconscious obstacles.
  • NLP
    NLP is a method of using words, images and suggestions to communicate directly with the subconscious mind and to instantly change long-standing habits and ways of thinking. It is also used to create new associations within the mind – in other words create good emotional responses from situations that may have caused negative emotional responses in the past. This technique was really brought to the forefront of personal development in the 1980’s by one of its pioneers, Dr Richard Bandler, and it is now used routinely throughout the world by top psychotherapists and hypnotherapists. The changes it can create can be instantaneous!
  • Binaural Beats
    Brainwave technology is used primarily to change the way you feel. It uses binaural beats which are just slightly different tones to the left and right ear. These help to influence and alter your brainwaves and can be used to induce feelings or attributes such as confidence, energy and receptivity to suggestion.These three techniques combined is enough to create fate, easy and long-lasting change!

    The titles offered are; Weight Loss, Confidence, Love, The Zone, Intelligence and Health.

    The recordings are enjoyable and they produce a deep state of trance with the help of the binaural beats. You will reawaken feeling relaxed, confident, energized and optimistic of good results.


    Plus Kits don’t offer many titles but the ones they have produced are great!

    The approach offered is somewhat different from other hypnotic recordings. The designers of these recordings obviously hold to the belief that we create our own realities (which is true!). They have structured the recordings to ensure your thoughts are changed in a way that will bring about maximum benefit in your life. They do not just concentrate on behavioural changes. Your subconscious mind is directed to recreate your reality to reflect what you want!

    These hypnotic recordings are well worth the small investment of money. With The Zone you should begin to feel the benefits from the first listen. Old habits then begin to drop away as you gain more confidence in yourself and learn to naturally tap into an inner place where you are doing everything right.

    With Confidence you will eliminate the feelings of insecurity, inadequacy and doubt. Confidence uses the most advanced scientific techniques to help you take control and be the person you want to be.

    Through the combination of NLP, hypnosis and the brainwave stimulation offered by binaural beats, Weight Loss will help you want to eat healthy foods, think positive and feel good about yourself and your body. The recording also focuses your subconscious mind on the way your body stores fat, ensuring you achieve your ideal body weight by restructuring your subconscious blueprint of your body.

    You simply sit back or lie down and listen as the soothing music helps you to relax and rejuvenates you from within!

    Plus Kits