Personality Testing; Myth and Realities!

I m sure you have come across personality tests on the internet.

These tests are a very popular way of determining the behaviours, beliefs and values of a person. Many companies use them to screen potential employees.

The industry that creates such tests say they are valid and have a scientific foundation.

In some cases law courts have made decisions partly based on evidence provided by such tests. But are they really accurate?

What exactly does a personality test gauge? Can personality really be defined through such rigid and narrow parameters?

The nature of consciousness is still unknown to Man and it is a subject that will probably be studies for as long as our species exists.

I’m sure you will agree that consciousness is the driving force behind personality. Without the aid of consciousness your body would just be a pill of carbon based matter, inanimate and unfeeling.

Consciousness drives your existence. Therefore consciousness is the seat of your personality.

For these reason the study of consciousness is an ongoing field in science.

However, there is very little data about consciousness because scientists still do not know what it is, where it comes from or how it functions.

So, if consciousness is the seat and driving force of personality and it is immeasurable and nebulous in nature, how can a test tell us anything about personality?

The fact that a person’s personality can change over time is also an indication that these tests are invalid. Another reason that I feel testing personality is a fruitless endeavour is the chaos theory.

Chaos theory, which is best explained through the butterfly effect, states that a dynamic system can have massive changes in the long-term when only small changes are made initially.

This means it is almost impossible to predict the weather over a long period of time because a butterfly flapping its wings in New York can cause a hurricane in Tokyo months later!

Well, what could be more dynamic than personality?

If dynamic systems cannot be accurately predicted how can you predict and narrowly classify personality which is one of the most dynamic systems a human being has?

If these tests were so accurate then a personality change, which happens to all us when our beliefs change and our values are re-evaluated, would be predictable – but it is not!

Many factors are involved in the decisions we make as human beings and using a personality test to determine how you will react to certain situations is like trying to predict which way a tornado will go!

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