Personal Alchemy!

Recently , many people have become attracted by the idea or process known as alchemy. Now in days long past alchemy was thought to be the process of transmutation – turning one substance into another by means of scientific apparatus. Most commonly alchemy was studied in an attempt to change base metals into gold. However, what is much more interesting (and worth much more than mere gold) is personal alchemy – the ability to transmute oneself and create a better life in the process.

So how would one go about starting their own private alchemy? For me, it’s about changes and transformations of mind, body and spirit. Below are 3 paths to approach personal alchemy on the trail to wholeness and health.

Step One : Consider the Past:
it can be a daunting task to even consider making major life changes especially if we have been doing certain things in a certain way for a long time. So consider a time when you did make a change (we have all done it) like a time when you decided to lose weight, gain a skill or qualification or anything that you changed in your life for the better.

Remind yourself that you did it once and are capable of doing it again. This will spur you on and keep you motivated.

Next, break down that change into the separate parts of mind, body and spirit. Where you committed mentally to making this change? Did you need to take specific physical steps and perform certain actions to bring the change about? Did the change lift your spirits and increase your belief in yourself? Did it make your spirit sing at your self-accomplishment?

Step 2 : Choose a new Transmutation:
Now that you have dissected a prior change that you made it’s time to pick a new one. This process asks you to take a little time to yourself and reveal a new private transmutation you want to experience. With pen in hand, take time to make notes to yourself. What changes would you like to make. Don’t limit yourself at this stage but just write freely.

When you have finished, scan your list for one worthwhile goal that is achievable. One goal that you should always have is the transmutation of ego! Ensure that you give yourself the approval you deserve everyday. Its just a choice. Choose to approve of yourself even the so-called “negative” aspects of your character, mind, body or even your life! After all you deserve it and you will be surprised just how easily your life starts to work when you love yourself unconditionally.

Step 3 : Pursue Your Goals One By One
We can’t do everything all at once. Choose one goal and work on that first. Take it one small step at a time. You can walk a thousand miles in time merely by putting one foot in front of the other. By doing a little bit everyday over time you will have achieved a huge amount and you will see the benefits of this in your life.

Follow these 3 steps and your own personal alchemy is assured. Consider trying a self improvement program like binaural beats or meditation to help you program your mind and body for success.

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