Is This the Secret to Perfect Health? The 1 Minute Cure

Do You Suffer From Bad Health? Is Your Body Plagued by Ailments & Illness? Well would you be interested in 2 “miraculous” cures that the creators claim work to eliminate vast amount of physical ailments.
But do they really work?


Sickness is Part of Life … Right?

It seems to be the nature of life to get sick every now and then. Most of us just accept illness as part of life but have you ever questioned if it really needs to be?

Although almost everyone suffers from sickness in some form or another for some people sickness is not just an inconvenience, it is a lifestyle. People who have suffered for a long time with an illness know the anguish, discomfort and pain that it causes.

Check out the 1 minute miracle cureThere are also other effects of long-term illness that go beyond the physical pain and discomfort, negative effects that only long-term suffers of illness know; financial hardship, lack of freedom, inability to interact with other people on a level they want (like going out for the night) and a myriad of others.

Many things that healthy people take for granted are often not an option for a person suffering from a long-term health issue.

In fact in a great majority of cases a person who suffers from a long-term illness is deprived of the basic life experiences most people take for granted.

Therefore, it is no wonder many products have come to the market promising, nothing short of, miraculous cures. Most are bogus of course but some have very impressive testimonials and scientific evidence to support their claims. So, we decided to get to the bottom of the alternative health industry and try to find some products that actually work!

A Note about Alternative Medicine

The alternative health industry is a minefield of misinformation and bogus claims. For this reason each supplier that offers alternative healing methods must supply the potential consumer with a disclaimer.

A disclaimer is simply a statement that is required by law as the drug corporations have ensured extensive testing and government recommendation is needed before any claims of health benefits can made. This is not a bad thing as it protects the public from fraudulent claims.

miracle-healingHowever, sometimes a really good product slips through the net due to this as people often view a disclaimer as an admission that the product does not work (which is not the case).

So, when you review sites that offer alternative healing methods you will see disclaimers (usually at the bottom of the page) but you should not be discouraged by this.

Having said that however, you should never just believe what you read on the Internet (or anywhere else for that matter) and caution is advised. Research the claims of the supplier and try to find people who have actually used the product before you commit to buy. At the very least ensure the product has a money-back guarantee that is supported by a credible supplier.


The Release Technique

The Release Technique is the most effective self improvement tool we have ever used.

Learn more about the Release technique home study course nowIts applications are limitless as it can be used to improve any area of your life.

For the purposes of this review however we are concentrating on the techniques’ ability to help you create perfect health and overcome long-standing illnesses.

In the video below you will see, what occurred at an event that took place at a Release Technique seminar.

You will see the power of this technique yourself and although there are many more such occurrences (which can be reviewed at the Release Technique wesite) we thought this was the most striking example.

Walking Again After Using The Release Technqiue

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What is The Release Technique?

Medical practioners will tell you that they do not heal your body – the body heals itself. Every drug, potion or ointment you take is merely designed to remove the obstacles that hinder the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The premise of The Release Technique is that your health is based upon the efficient working of your subconscious mind.

the-release-technique-healthIt is known that your subconscious mind holds the blueprint for your body which it uses to repair and maintain your health.

Unfortunately, each person tends to clutter his/her subconscious mind with negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs. This redirects valuable subconscious and physical resources that are usually reserved for the repair of the body.

The creators of The Release Technique believe that the type of subconscious clutter in the mind of a long-term suffer of an illness is directly responsible for that illness.

This may sound a little strange to you at first but it is well documented how the mind effects the body. Doctor’s already know that people with a positive attitude have a much greater chance of recovery than those who do not.

So, is it really that much of a stretch to think that the subconscious thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that you hold may responsible for your illness or at least has an effect on it?

How The Release Technique Works

The aim of The Release Technique is to eliminate, or “let go of”, the negative programs running in your subconscious mind that are interfering with your body’s natural ability to heal itself and thus free up the subconscious resources needed to elicit healing.

Although the above video was shot at a seminar The Release Technique is available on CD format, as a digital download for immediate access and in a condensed book form (which really just acts as an introduction to the technique. If you want the full benefits you really need the full course).

We learned the technique on CD before digital downloads were availble.

Learning the technique in a seminar environment has many advantages, such as one-on-one training and being in the company of like-minded, supportive people. However, you will gain all the same benefits from the CD course which is substantially cheaper!

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Larry Crane Talks About Using The Release Technique For Health

Learn More About The Release Technique


The One Minute Cure

We were very wary of including this review as it could cause untold problems for the site. Miracle claims are hard to substantiate and even harder to test.

The One Minute Cure targets almost every diseaseHowever, we thought it was necessary to give you this information as many medical practitioners in Europe swear by this therapy and there have been many reported cases about its effectiveness.

The following product shows you how to use this therapy in a safe manner and comes with a full 60 day money-back guarantee, so your purchase is protected should you decide to test the manufacturer’s claims for yourself.

The One Minute Cure is being marketed as a cure for every illness and disease – even cancer. Now, this immediately sent alarm bells ringing in us as we thought “if this product really is a cure for everything, even cancer, how come it isn’t being used worldwide?”

However, as it is an alternative method of healing it became obvious to us why it is not widely advertised (just take a look back at the paragraph outlining the requirements for legal disclaimers!).

The One Minute Cure in Action

Below is a short video about The One Minute Cure be sure to watch it all as it begins concentrating on a cure for cancer but continues to outline how the therapy can be used to fight other diseases.

Discover the One Minute Cure Now


How The One Minute Cure Works

The one minute miracle is based on ingested oxygen therapy. Even though doctors in Europe have been using ingested Oxygen Therapy for many years it is still relatively unknown in the US.

Without going too deeply into the science of oxygen therapies, which you can review in a more in-depth manner if you are very scientifically minded, it is necessary to explain the actual workings of the cells of your body.

With this knowledge you will understand much better how this therapy actually works.

one-minute-cureIngested oxygen therapy is fairly simple to implement.

It is based on the fact that if a certain food grade compound, like hydrogen peroxide, is ingested with a precise measure of water the extra oxygen atom in the compound is released into the blood stream.

The delivery of oxygen from the blood to the cells is maximized and therefore creates an environment in the body that is unfriendly and inhospitable to disease.

Your body actually produces hydrogen peroxide naturally throughout your life as an effective defense against germs.

The immune system uses it to oxidize invaders of all types.

It is a very effective, efficient and natural way for the human body to prevent disease!

Using ingested oxygen therapy you merely accelerate this natural process and ensure your body creates an internal environment where foreign invaders find it hard to take root.

Therefore the use of ingested oxygen therapy, as expertly outlined in The One Minute Cure, is not a treatment for disease or illness. It does not cure any disease but rather creates an environment within the body where disease cannot exist. The body therefore heals itself by creating a disease free environment.

However, according to some experts this is not without risk as such therapies could cause oxidization of good cells. This is believed to be partly the cause of cellular aging in the body. This is not normally a problem as every cell in the human body has a protective enzyme making it resistant to oxidation.

However, if you have deficiencies in the protective enzymes of good cells in the body this can allow hydrogen peroxide to attack those cells. Therefore it is vitally important to practice ingested oxygen therapy under the advice of medical professionals or studying an expert guide like the “One Minute Cure” – do not try to figure it out for yourself!

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The Release Technique

Release Technique Course MaterialsThe Release Technique is an amazingly effective self improvement tool.

The vast testimonials, of people who have cured long-standing and debilitating illness through its use, are numerous and far-reaching. Our own experiences with this technique have been profound, fast and permanent!

The beauty about the course is that it teaches you how to use the technique to improve all areas of your life. This means once you have reached your health goals you can apply it to another area of your life without having to get any additional material!

You can read more about this amazing 21st Century self-improvement method at our Release Technique review.

The Release Technique


Alternative to The Rlease Technique

There is an alternative to The Release technique called The Sedona Method. The Sedona Method is in effect the same process as The Release Technique; it is just taught in a slightly different manner.

Both courses are offer by students of the American Master Lester Levenson and are based on his teachings.

The One Minute Cure

The purpose of the One Minute Cure is to show you how to create an internal physical state that is inhospitable to disease through Ingested Oxygen Therapy.

The One Minute Cure targets almost every diseaseIn this type of therapy a food grade compound like hydrogen peroxide is ingested with a precise measure of water giving the compound an extra oxygen molecule which enters the blood stream.

The delivery of oxygen from the blood to the cells is maximized and builds an environment that is inhospitable to disease and germs.

It has been proposed that the likes of hydrogen peroxide (available from Amazon) increases the efficiency of the anti oxidant enzyme that is responsible for eliminating free radicals in the body. This means that cell immunity would therefore be enhanced even further.

Although the writer of the One Minute Cure suggests that it is a “cure all”, even for cancer, there is a lack of scientific empirical evidence to support his cancer claim.

Alternative to the One Minute Cure

There are cheaper alternatives to The One Minute Cure like this one from Amazon

However, this is not the case with other diseases as between fifty and one hundred scientific studies are published each month about the positive chemical and biological effects of hydrogen peroxide on the body.

When this therapy is used in conjunction with traditional treatment the results appear to be even more profound.

Cheaper Alternatives to the One Minute Cure

However, as it essential the treatment is performed correctly, in order to avoid over oxidization of good cells, you need practical and informative guidance as given by an experienced medical practitioner or The One Minute Cure.

As a final note I should mention that there are cheaper alternatives to The One Minute Cure, such as True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide, Miracle Path To Wellness by Mary Wright, which is available from Amazon for approximately half the price.

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