Are You Unhappy With How You Look?

Would you like to reshape your body like a fitness model or be ripped like a muscle builder?

fitnessMost men and women are dissatisfied with how their body looks and their level of fitness. Unfortunately though it is often extremely difficult to find the time, or the motivation, to work-out! Traditionally getting fit meant you needed to be committed to a high level as it required time and discomfort to achieve.

Now, however, there are alternatives to the long and boring training regimes of the past!

Attaining The Perfect Body

In this age of consumerism and technology we are constantly surrounded by images of perfection. It seems that anything less than this is viewed as substandard and inferior. Everyone wants to look their best and project an image of confidence, emotional security and physical fitness.

However, when you start to look at the “body beautiful” images displayed in magazine covers and on television it is hard to think that we just don’t measure up! Do you realise that even supermodels and beautiful actresses have their pictures airbrushed to remove their imperfections?

So does this perfection really exist?

Does The Perfect Body Exist?

It may sound like a cliché but beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Perfection to one person is not perfection to another. This means you can never have the perfect shape, look, skin, eyes etc.

However, you can trim and sculpt your body to its optimal shape and it can be easier than you think!

The Reviews

We have included reviews of the two best fitness programs we tested:

1. The Fitness Model Program.

2. Military Fitness Secrets.

We found that the first program is much better suited to girls as it shows you how to strip away fat while you tone and sculpt your body for that ideal femine shape.

The second program will benefit the guys much more as it is based on military fitness regimes that have been improved and tailored to burn fat and gain muscle in the shortest time possible.

We choose these products because they gave the most profound results with the least effort (although it still requires work) in the fastest possible time.

Although our main aim is to bring you the best fitness programs we tested we were know that many people start a exercise program full of energy just to lose motivation and stop before they reach their fitness goals. For this reason we have added a review of a hypnosis product designed to help you with your fitness goals by reprogramming your subconscious mind with the desire to exercise.

3. Crave Exercise Hypnosis.

This hypnosis session addresses several issues that arise from starting a training program. It is designed to help you program your subconscious mind with your fitness goals and keep you motivated to maintain your fitness program.

We strongly suggest that you use this hypnosis mind training in conjunction with your fitness program. The commitment is minimal (an hour every few days for about 30 days) and you will be amazed at the difference it makes to your work-outs and the results you get.

The Fitness Model Program

oprahAccording to the winner of Ms. Bikini America, Ms. Bikini Universe and the first ever Ms. Muscle and Fitness it is possible for any woman to achieve the same figure as a female fitness model. Does it sound too good to be true? Jennifer Nicole Lee is a leader in fitness. Due to her titles and unique fitness program she has featured on Oprah, Inside Edition, The Big Idea with Donny Deutch and “E” Entertainment. Although not all women have the same body shape, just as not all models do, Jen shows you that any woman can achieve her ideal shape.

This, doctor approved, fitness program has been scientifically shown to burn fat and tone muscle. The program consists of only 4 one-hour session per week.

Jen’s program is not just another “fitness fad” but is based on sound, easy to use routines that get results. Her quick exercises are all tailored to suit busy women that want to work-out at home and don’t want to have to spend a fortune on gym equipmen.

She covers the food aspect of getting into shape also, giving good nutritional advice as well ensuring that you don’t starve in the process.

fitness-modelJen also shows you how to eliminate cellulite by burning those small pockets of fat that seem resistant to any other type of work-out.

Jen has poured her 20 years of experience in the field of fitness to bring you a comprehensive and useable program that will give you amazing results – as long as you use it!

She also throws in a few bonuses at no extra cost and gives you a full 60 day money-back guarantee.

The entire program is designed to help you achieve the same look as a fitness model and providing you follow the sound advice Jen gives you and actually take the time to do the exercises that is exactly the look you will achieve!

Military Fitness Secrets for Guys

The program is the creation of fitness expert Jeff Anderson who has 10 years of active duty service in the U.S. Military under his belt.

jeff-beforeJeff highlights the fact that The U.S. Government has spent Billions of dollars researching and developing the finest fitness program in the world. Obviously it was necessary for them to develop a training program that would utilize as little time s possible yet get maximum results so they could keep soldiers in combat-ready shape regardless of their age and level of normal physical activity.

In his latest work-out manuals Jeff spills the beans on these billion-dollar training regimes and shows you how you can use them to achieve the ideal, hard, fit physique training for only 45 minutes three times a week.

As a staff sergeant it was Jeff’s duty to ensure the physical readiness of his troops for combat. In order to achieve this he had attend advanced military training programs to ensure he had the most up-to-date information for attaining this goal in the shortest possible time. jeff-before

The combat approach of this exercise regime may, at first, appear a little like over-kill and somewhat “gimmicky”. However, the exercises that are given to you have been proven by the military to burn fat and raise your metabolism to keep you lean and fit – not just to raise heart-rate or work muscles as many other regimes do.

Although the site that offers this program concentrates mostly on the fat burning aspect of it, in its promotional materials, the program itself is actually much more than this.

Along with the standard exercises you are also shown how to build a six-pack in 6 weeks. Although creating this type of physical change in such a short period of time is usually a task best left to the professionals you can do it and achieve a washboard tummy by incorporating the special exercises into your 45 minute workout.

The entire work-out only requires a commitment of 3 days a week, training 45 minutes per work-out, to get the full benefits over a 12 week period.

Military Fitness Secrets

Perfecting Your Body Through Hypnosis

crave-exerciseThe reason we included a hypnosis session in these reviews is that we know many people find it hard to keep motivated when it comes to exercise. So imagine if you could reprogram your mind to actually love exercise!

With a small commitment of an hour, every few days, over a 30 day period you can train your mind to automatically make you want to exercise. After all without the motivation to continue on your fitness program no exercise regime will work!

In this hypnotic session your subconscious mind is programmed to:

1. Build the body that you desire.
2. Keep you motivated & wanting to exercise.
3. Increase your energy.

Using this hypnosis session will ensure you get the maximum benefit from your exercise program and reach the fitness goal you have set for yourself!


The Fitness Model Program

We found that the Fitness Model Program is definitely the best way for the ladies to sculpt that perfect body. The methods for removing fat, and cellulite, are worth getting this program alone. However, if you follow the advice to the letter all you have to do is spend one hour a day, 4 days a week to get the same sleek, contoured and defined shape that the fitness models have.

The additional bonus eBooks are packed with valuable information including a way to eliminate those cravings that have you picking at food and devouring chocolate. It also comes with a motivational MP3 to keep you on target with your fitness goals.

The 60 day, no questions-asked, money-back guarantee means you have peace of mind should you decide not to devote your time to the exercises.

Fitness Model Program

Military Fitness Secrets

This is definitely one for the boys.

If you want to burn fat and get in top shape in just 12 weeks, but don’t have a mass of time, then this program is for you.

If you follow the advice and spend just 45 minutes exercising three times a week you will build a body that is the envy of every man you meet.

Military Fitness Secrets

Crave Exercise Hypnosis

This is mind training at its best. One of the biggest obstacles to keeping fit and building the body you want is your level of motivation.

When we fail to keep-up with our fitness plan then we plan to fail to get the body we want. Through hypnosis you can easily, quickly and permanently ensure you get the body you want by actually training your mind to want to exercise.

You also get access to the mental blueprint for your body that your subconscious mind uses to rebuild your muscles and you get to change it. Your subconscious mind then helps you build the body of your dreams!

We strongly recommend you use this hypnosis session or another similar one to keep you motivated and ensure you reach your fitness goals!

Crave Exercise Hypnosis