The Difference Between Winning & Losing is Often Being in the Zone!

Do you want to get ‘in the Zone’ whenever you feel like it?


Whether it is in a sport, a career or life situation everyone wants to be able to perform at their best. Getting into ‘the zone’ of peak performance is the only way to ensure you utilize your abilities at optimum efficiency.

Sports professionals often talk about being in ‘the zone’ referring to the fact that they are automatically performing at the best of their abilities; they find it easy and natural to enter a state of peak performance.

Although entering this state often happens by chance it is an ability that can be learned!

Entering The Zone

Since what you focus on tends to expand expands, you can get into ‘the zone’ quickly when you focus on your strengths and keep no emotional connection to the mistakes you have made.

successWhen your internal focus is on your strengths and your self-belief is so strong that you just know you can do it you enter the ‘the zone’. However, getting into this mental and emotional state is often extremely difficult.

People rarely enter the zone because they completely believe in two myths about success.

If you buy into these beliefs then you will struggle to achieve success and never enter ‘the zone’!

Success Myths:

1. Reward & Success come from hard work.
2. No pain = No gain!

‘The zone’ is the exact opposite of these two concepts. When you enter ‘the zone ‘ everything is effortless and enjoyable!

Internal Blocks to Entering The Zone

The truth is entering a state of peak performance means ensuring your focus is on your strengths and not your weaknesses. It is also about developing the belief that you can achieve great success; when you know deep inside you that something will be successful it happens effortlessly.

success-uphillHowever, this is often easier said than done. You see very often (in fact almost always) blocks to success arises from the subconscious mind which make it hard to find success and impossible to do it effortlessly.

Deep within the hidden recesses of your mind are mental viruses that act against your conscious efforts.

These insidious mental programs wreck havoc in your life and stop you from performing at your best even when you consciously make the effort to do so.

The only way to enter a state of peak performance is to eliminate these subconscious blocks that lead to self-doubt, fear and under-performance.

When you believe in yourself, and that a positive outcome is inevitable, at a subconscious level then you automatically enter ‘the zone’ and you stay there!

Product Reviews

We tested quite a few products and found two that are capable of getting you effortlessly into the zone!

The two best products are:

a) The Release Technique®.
b) A self hypnosis audio session.

From past experience with The Release Technique we already knew how powerful it is. It is extremely easy to enter a state of peak performance with this self improvement method because it allows you to ‘release’, or ‘let-go of’, any inner limitation within seconds!

However, as The Release Technique is a full course on how to get into peak states in every area of your life to create wealth, perfect health, abundance, loving relationships etc., we also wanted to include a cheaper option. It wasn’t easy but we did manage to find a hypnosis session that can do the trick and help you enter a state of peak performance at will!

The Release Technique

We know that entering a state of peak performance and getting into the zone starts with your focus. Your subconscious mind determines what you unconsciously and automatically place your internal and external focus on.

release-techniqueUnfortunately your subconscious mind has been programmed to focus on negativity. It automatically makes you doubt anything and everything, especially your own abilities and self-worth. It creates your inner map of the world and your place in it, as well as your strengths and weaknesses, and makes you doubt yourself in order to protect you from failure and pain.

The subconscious mind also considers negative motivation to be necessary in order for you to succeed. To get into the zone, you have to shut off the automatic critical voice of your subconscious mind by eliminating the negative subconscious programs that motivate it! This is exactly what The release Technique is capable of doing.

Using this amazing method you can quickly find your own subconscious blocks to success and eliminate them within seconds! This is without doubt the most powerful method that we have found for creating success and achievement on the planet – in any area of your life.


The Hypnotic Zone

Hypnosis is a long-standing and proven method for creating fast and permanent inner change. As we know that entering a state of peak performance is about what you focus on and how you view yourself and your place in the world it was no surprise that hypnosis was capable of creating the ideal mental and emotional environment for entering ‘the zone’.

Of course some hypnosis sessions are better than others. We wanted a product that could do several things – not just re-program the subconscious mind with positive affirmations.

We found a product aptly called “The Zone +” which is a “Plus Kit”. Plus Kits are unique hypnosis sessions which are comprised of three separate technologies. This is to ensure the subconscious reprogramming takes root and becomes permanent.

Plus Kits use:

the-zone1) Hypnosis.
2) NLP.
3) Binaural Beats.

When these three technologies are combined the results are amazing and very quick in coming.

With the “The Zone +” you are guided to:

  • Find your true focus.
  • Let your abilities flow naturally.
  • Perform at your peak when you need it most.


The Zone +


We strongly suggest you try The Release Technique. It is the most powerful personal development tool in existence and can be used to dramatically improve any area of your life. You really have to experience it to believe it. The results you will experience will also amaze you. We promise you that you will never need another self improvement tool again!

However, The Release Technique is taught as a CD course with workbooks and extra so it is not as cheap as a hypnosis session. If you wish to go for the quick-fix and cheap option then ‘The Zone +’ hypnosis CD or MP3 download is a viable alternative.

The Release Technique

The Zone +