Past Life Regression!

by Michael McGrath

Self hypnosis for past life regression is becoming a very popular pursuit. The belief in reincarnation is the cornerstone of the process.

Reincarnation is no longer a mystical eastern notion but has taken root in the western consciousness with many millions of people believing that they have lived before.

But why use past life regression hypnotherapy?

Well it is believed that in every life we live, past as well as the present one, we have a purpose and reason for being here.

These purposes take the form of lessons we need to learn in order to grow spiritually. Learning about these lessons can give us a deeper insight into the values and beliefs will hold strongly to in this lifetime.

It is also believed that the same souls reincarnate together albeit having different relationship roles in each life.

So with the use of self hypnosis it is possible to regress the consciousness of a subject to a point prior to their birth in this present incarnation.

It is believed that when you revisit your past lives you can recall the lessons you learned and how they are affecting you this lifetime. You can also discover what relationships you had in previous lifetimes.

There are also some very good health benefits that have been reported from using past life regression hypnotherapy.

Many regression therapists believe that some current health issues have their root in past life experiences and by delving into those experiences and gaining a deep understanding of them we can heal mind and body.

We can also see how we are connected spiritually to those important people in our lives at the moment and what role they played in a former life. Tapping into our past lives can also show why certain aspects of history appeal to us.

Hypnosis is a great way of discovering and experiencing your past lives. By bringing the mind into the deep theta level with hypnosis a skilful hypnotherapist can regress a patient easily.

Discovering who you were, how and where you lived in your past lives can be a very exciting and life changing experience. Some lives will be very vivid and have deep meaning for you while some others may appear vague and without meaning.

However, you will learn something about yourself during each session and have fun doing so.

Another very beneficial affect of using past life regression hypnosis is that you will begin to lose your inherent fear of death as you realise that life is just a wheel.

Are you interested in finding out about your own past lives within the comfort of your own home? Then check out Past Life Regression Hypnosis.

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