Do you suffer from chronic or constant pain?
There are ways to stop your suffering!


Only people who suffer from constant pain know how difficult it can be. If you are tired of being constantly in pain or have become weary of suffering from sore joints, headaches, or any of the hundreds of physical ailments that cause hardship and discomfort then this review is for you!

Fighting Pain

painAlthough it is possible to experience pain anywheer in the body the most common types of pains are muscle and joint pains. Therefore we decided to test products designed to reduce or eliminate these types of pains first.

It was our intention to find products that can sooth the effects of such pains and alleviate the discomfort caused to the sufferers as well as tackle the root of the problem.

We have also included a hypnosis session for those interested in reinforcing any pain relief product they are using. The mind’s influence over the body is well documented and hypnosis is one of the fastest and most effective methods for pain control.

Electromagnetic Therapy

Using electrodes, attached to the skin, it is possible to affect the way pain signals are sent to the brain. The brain is responsible for pain. Although you may feel pain in other parts of your body it is the brain�s way of interpreting the e signals that are being sent via your nervous system from the affected source.

Research shows that by blocking the nerves from sending pain signals to the brain a person will not feel the pain. It is believed that by sending a small electrical pulse through the skin to the nerve you can block pain signals being transmitted to the brain.

The most common products that use this technology are TENS machines. These machines are believed to work in two ways:

joint-pain1. When the machine sends a certain frequency pulse to the nerve, through electrodes attached to the skin, it is thought to trigger the ‘pain gate’ to close. By stimulating non pain-carrying nerves, causing them to interfere with pain signal transmitting nerves, the electrical pulse blocks the pain signal being sent to the brain.

2. Signals sent from the machine also stimulate the release of endorphins into the body. Endorphins have been shown to reduce pain and in large numbers can even create feelings of euphoria.

T.E.N.S machines are a great pain control device. However, they are often expensive and not very mobile due to their size. If you are interested in learning more about these machines you can visit Promo Life which offers a variety of pain relief devices.

Alleviating Pain

Pain Gone Pen

pain-gone-pen (1)The “Pain Gone Pen” is a mobile way of using the same technology as a T.E.N.S. machine.

It is small and compact and can fit into your pocket easily. Without the need to place electrodes on your skin the “Pain Be Gone Pen” allows you to administer pain relief to an affected area quickly regardless of where you are.

You can find a link to a supplier who ships this product from the USA and UK depending on your location

Magnetic Therapy – Back Pad

back-padThis product comes as an adjustable pad which wraps around the lower part of the back. It has been designed to relieve most backaches by using strong magnetic fields which penetrate the skin and muscles to give immediate relief from pain.

As well as means for controlling pain many qualified experts believe that magnetic fields can stimulate your circulation, enhance the natural process of healing. They are thought to increase oxygen levels in the blood, thus decreasing the level of toxins usually evident which prompts better general physical health.


manage-your-painHypnosis has become extremely popular as a method for controlling pain. It is frequently used as an atheistic in child birth and for decreasing post-operative recovery times.

The ability of a hypnotic session to reprogram the subconscious mind, which is responsible for running your body, makes it possible to null the effects of pain.

The most effective hypnosis products for pain relief which we tried targeted specific areas where pain is originating. There are general pain relief hypnosis sessions available from a variety of suppliers.

However, we found that targeting the exact are of the pain gave much quicker and long-lasting results.

We have therefore included a link to a list of titles available for pain relief in specific areas of the body from the best hypnosis supplier we tried.


The above products are all great at what they do. If you suffer from back pain then the magnetic back pad is a great way to find relief fast. For more localised pain we found the “Pain Gone Pen” to the easiest and most effective way for having access to a portable pain relief device.

If you decide to manage your pain through a device then we would also advise you to try a hypnotic title designed for pain relief. The mind-body connection is well known by doctors and reprogramming your subconscious mind will help you in your physical efforts.

Pain Gone Pen

Eliminate Back Pain

Hypnosis Pain Relief Titles