Overcome Shyness And Gain Confidence

Shyness and lack of confidence is a very common problem these days. The society that we live in constantly shows us images and stereotypes that we are expected to live up to. Advertising, movies, television and even other people around us are subtle hints to us that we are not good enough and that we just don’t “measure up”.

However, these stereotypes are fabrications. Perfection does not exist except in the fact that your imperfections make you a perfect human being. If everyone were perfect, as far as the Hollywood ideal is concerned, then this would be a very boring and mundane world. Our differences are what give this world is colour and depth.

Unfortunately though many of us buy into these stereotypical images of the perfect man and perfect woman and expect ourselves and others to be that way. It is impossible. However, the belief that we should be a certain way and act in a certain manner means that many people feel uncomfortable in the presence of others because they feel that they are being judged and viewed as inferior!

If you are shy and insecure in social, business or personal situations then you can take hope because you do not have to be this way!

The first step to overcoming shyness and banishing the crippling fear of rejection is to start to approve of yourself. This is the very reason that people suffer from shyness. After all if you do not thing much of yourself then why would anyone else think highly of you?

Affirm It!

Every morning when you awaken and each night before you go to bed stand in front of a mirror.

Look at your reflection and say aloud “I love and accept myself as I am”. Do this everyday without fail. It may sound like a simple task but it can be very difficult.

The key to getting this approach to work and sticking with it is to remember that you are not telling yourself that you are prefect or even affirming that you are happy with who you are. You are merely entering a place of acceptance for who you are. Acceptance is a choice! Choose to accept yourself now!

Spoil Yourself!

Buy those clothes that you really want, go on that holiday you have been promising yourself, get that book you like etc.

Spoil yourself just a little. Be kind to yourself.

Realise The Truth!

Most people are too busy thinking about themselves to be interested in you. Although this may sound cold and make people think even less of themselves it is a simple truth that other people have their own problems and don’t give much thought to you at all.

When you think that you may be judged or looked upon unfavourably just remember that the other person or people present are too busy being wrapped up in their own problems to give what you are doing much thought!

Everyone is not judging you and those that do are also judging themselves!

Forget about what other people think and do things (or don’t do them) because you want to not because someone else may judge your actions, words, intelligence, looks or intentions etc.!

Follow these simple steps and you can amass more confidence than you can imagine.

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