Overcome fear of Flying!

Fear of flying is one of the most common phobias after fear of spiders. Some people develop this fear early in life while many others fly easily for years before it kicks-in.

It doesn’t matter that, statistically, you are safer in the air than on the ground because phobias are not truly based on any solid evidence and are merely a collections of beliefs and expectations of worst case scenarios!

Like any phobia you do not actually have to experience the event for the fear to set in. Even the thought of getting on a plane can cause feelings of anxiety or even terror.

The fact is that the vast majority of people, preparing for a flight, experience some trepidation. These can be feelings that range from mild apprehension to intense fear.

In fact a study conducted in the year 2000 found that one-third of air travellers experienced some kind of fearful response when getting on a plane. It seems that as humans we find it slightly fearful to take to the skies like birds when we have no evolved to this naturally.

So, you are not the only person to be apprehension about airborne travel. Luckily, for most of us this is a reaction that we are able to handle with no problem.

However, some people have such an aversion to flight that it causes sever panic and emotional stress that can even affect the body’s internal and external system (sweating and stomach upsets or headaches are common).

This is type of reaction is similar to a full blown panic attack, when adrenaline is released quickly and in larger quantities than usual into the body.

This then creates the “flight or fight” response with physical symptoms that include increased heartbeats, shortness of breath and muscle tension.

These physical symptoms are a direct results of the intense fear, confusion and an strong desire to escape that are generate by a phobia.

Then comes the expectations that worst will happen and that if you get on the plane terrible things will befall you!

Since many times a phobic response is instantaneous rather than gradual (think of people with arachnophobia who turn to see a spider by their face), the surprising nature of the response can make the feelings of fear more intense.

This anxiety is then twinned, or anchored (to use an NLP phrase) to flight. So, after the initial experience the feelings of anxiety and fear will surface even when someone just mentions an aeroplane!

The great news is that it is easy to remove this phobia. Just as your mind anchored in the feelings of fear and anxiety to aeroplanes it is just as easy to anchor in feelings of safety and even pleasure to them and the whole process of flight. Fear of flying hypnosis is the fastest way to cure this phobia and regain your power.

It amazes many phobia suffers, who have sometimes suffered their entire lives from this fear, just how much they enjoy the experience after their successful hypnosis session!

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