Nourish Your Belief In Your Ability to Lose Weight

Nourish Your Belief In Your Ability to Lose Weight

In this age of fast food and easy living it is all too hard to lose weight. It seems that civilization goes through different phases. In the past everyday working people were lean and muscular due to their workload scant rations. Only the rich were overweight. In fact being overweight many hundreds of years ago was a sign of wealth and status. The poor could not afford to be overweight.

In the last few decades these roles seemed to have reversed. With overly processed fatty food becoming cheaper, due to mass production by the supermarket chains, it is more expensive to eat healthily. For a long it actually cost more to buy brown bread than it did to buy white bread even though making white bread is a more complicated process because they need to remove ingredients from the wheat! This is a sad by-product of mass production.

Instead of mass producing healthy food we are given inferior alternatives and lead to become more dependent on fat – which is addictive!

However, now more than even in human history we have the choice to eat what we want and the quantities that we choose. It really all comes down to how you view food and your relationship with it. Unfortunately, when it comes to our outlook on losing weight too many of us seem to be on a starvation diet of doubt and lack of confidence. To deal with this you can learn a few simple methods that will nourish your belief in your ability to lose weight.

Eat Healthier Foods

The food you eat is just a choose. There are a myriad of different food types available to us in the 21st Century so shop around and read the labels. There are foods with very little fat that are low in calories that taste just as good as those that are packed with them!

Choosing lower fat foods, even if they are just marginally lower, may seem like a small step but over time this can have a massive difference on your weight!

Take 30 Minutes Exercise

Exercise for 30 minutes a day! Exercise is something that most people distain. It feels like you are straining and forcing yourself to do something that you don’t want to. However, you do not have to view this exercise as a chore or even look at it as exercise at all. Split the 30 minutes into three separate 10 minute sessions.

Park your car a 10 minute walk from work. That will take care of two of your sessions! You will need to walk from your car to work and from work to your car!

Walk to the shop instead of taking the car or park it a little further away from the shop. Take the dog for a walk and add 10 minutes to it. I’m sure you can thing of ways to add 10 minutes to a task that you do which involves walking. Think of it – three 10 minute sessions, each being almost unnoticeable, will help create huge weight-loss over time!

Stop Eating

Learn to listen to your body because it constantly sends you signals. When you cut yourself a pain will draw your attention to the cut so you can cover it with a band-aid. When you are tired your body lets you know that you need to sleep by yawning and forcing you to stretch. When you are hungry your stomach lets you know it needs food. Likewise when you are full your body will let you know! Learn to listen to it.

When you read the messages that your body is sending you that it is full – stop eating! Many people feel they need to finish the food they have instead of simply stopping eating once they are full.

Follow these simple steps and the weight will starting falling off you!

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