Nature VS Nurture Theories of Personality in 21st Century!

I am sure you aware of the nature versus nurture debate that rages amongst the scientific community. Simple put this debate revolves around the argument that you are either born a certain way or you are made that way through your environment, parents and peers. There are strong arguments for both but in reality it is a mixture of nature and nurture that makes you the person you are today.

For example, not everyone can be a top athlete. Some people are born with special physical gifts that allow them to excel at certain sports. When these gifts are nurtured their true talent can be harnessed and used to create sports stars that make their art look easy. However, without proper nurturing it is unlikely that their raw talent would ever lead them to fame and fortune!

This does not mean that other people can not become proficient at the same sport with good nurturing. However, they will never be as good as the aforementioned person in our example.

So, nature and nurture are two forces in this world that must work in tandem in order to create a top-class athlete or world-class professional in a chosen field but this does not mean that you cannot achieve success in that area.

As long as you are willing to put in the work and are able bodied you can become proficient at any sport. That is – as long as you nurture your drive to do it!

This means that you can achieve any reasonable goal whether you have a natural propensity for it or not. For example, let’s say you have an interest in computers. It is possible to nurture that interest and train yourself to become a computer programmer or engineer and reach high levels of success. You may never become the new Bill Gates because you were not born with that innate ability to work with such technologies but you can amass a great deal of success and even wealth if that is your aim.

The truth is simple; whatever you can imagine you can achieve. When you work with your natural talents and nurture them it is possible to achieve world-class status in an area where your talents are recognised and prized. However, it is also possible to achieve success and recognition in fields where you are not naturally talented. You may never be as successful as those people who were born with the skills you must work hard to acquire but you an be very successful indeed.

A perfect example of this can be seen in the United Kingdom if we look at two well-known and respected soccer players.

The first player is Kevin Keegan who has won an OBE from the Queen of England and played with Liverpool winning major honours with the club. However, Keegan admits that he never had a natural gift for the game but instead spent most of his time training and perfecting the art of football. Through sheer will-power and drive he went on to captain his country at international level football.

He was so respected and admired as football player that his final game was ended when a helicopter picked him up from the field at the final whistle – it was a triumphant and spectacular site back in the early 1980s.

Keegan openly admits that he achieved all his accolades and success through hard work alone as he never had a natural aptitude for the game. However, he was able to become a legend and very successful in his own right.

Now, let’s look at another player – George Best. The Belfast born Irishman is known all over the world and was arguably the best player who ever graced a football pitch. The Irishman was born with a natural talent for football and even learned to walk by standing up and kicking a football!

Best will be remembered for his genius on a football pitch. However, once famous Best rarely practised and sometimes didn’t show up for games. Unfortunately, he was plagued by the debilitating disease of alcoholism which was eventually to claim his life. This never affected his ability to shine on a football pitch though!

As we can see George best was born with the gift for playing football – nature. Kevin Keegan, on the other hand, had to work extremely hard to achieve his status and success – nurture.

Although Keegan will never be remembered as the best player in the world he will never be forgotten and achieved almost as much success as George Best. So, you see, nothing is impossible.

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