Napoleon Hill – Think & Grow Rich Review

Napoleon Hill wrote what is arguably the best book on wealth building strategies ever written. His quest for the knowledge started in his early twenties when he interviewed a very remarkable man named Andrew Carnegie.

Carnegie had travelled to the United States from Scotland as the young son of a migrant worker. By the time he retired he was a legendary philanthropist, donating vast sums to create public libraries in the United States and the UK. He also made big investments in the future by giving fortunes to Universities.

Think & Grow Rich was Hill’s attempt to put down on paper the steps necessary to attain achievement. At Carnegies request, he interviewed Theodore Roosevelt, William Wrigley, John Wanamaker, Wilbur Wright, John Rockefeller, F. W. Woolworth, Woodrow Wilson, Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and Edwin Barnes to name a few!

The book focuses mainly on building wealth but the system can be effectively employed for any goal. It was Carnegie’s wish that the information be made available to the ‘average person’ so that anyone could equal or even surpass the achievements of these great men.

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The book outlines step by step instructions for conditioning yourself for wealth or the attainment of any ‘reasonable’ goal. The insights gained from this book are, without question, the very foundations upon wish every self- improvement method today is based.

However, the contents are somewhat outdated having been written in the early part of the last century and several parts will be common place for the 21st century mind – although many will find the information new as some people are still clinging to the past – self-improvement joke.

The chapter upon which the entire system is based covers auto suggestion. This is very outdated as much more powerful techniques are available today such as hypnosis, subliminal messages,computer software, audio reconditioning etc. Hill also outlines a way to guarantee an employment position at the price of your choosing using his use of the ‘brief’. To the modern person this is in fact just a Curriculum Vitae(C.V.)or resume. A much overworked method of promoting yourself. In fact many large companies will just not accept them anymore! However, at the time of first publishing this approach to self-promotion was a new and innovative.


Think & Grow Rich is a classic work. It contains the seeds of information necessary to become a goal-setter/goal achiever, even if it is somewhat outdated.

The famous motivational speaker Anthony Robbins claims to have developed the 21st century approach to the old ‘Think & Grow Rich’ method of achievement (which is probably true) but I sincerely doubt that Mr Robbins would be where he is now had he not built his foundations on Napoleon Hill’s work. All credit to him though; he does cite it as one of the major inspirations that set him on the road to achievement.

Think & Grow Rich is an excellent biography of famous men and women of achievement. Even to our modern mind it holds gems of wisdom that can be used by anyone to better their position in life.

If you read it with an open mind and use more ‘up-to-date’ techniques for influencing the subconscious mind it should still do for you what it has done for millions before you. You could invest in a costly course produced by Anthony Robbins to get the ‘latest & greatest’ techniques on wealth building or you could simply pay the small price for a classic book and achieve similar results. After all you can always up date your knowledge with Mr Robbins excellent courses when you start to increase your wealth!


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