Moving Beyond The Carrot And The Stick Theory

Managers, who want to motivate their staff, are going to have to improve their ‘The Quality Of Work Life’. This starts by first understanding folks as they are, not as we would like them to be. Many workers who we’ve believed to have the traits which we wanted them but which they don’t have or are incapable of acquiring are becoming frustrated in their work and with the management style that they are having to work under.

So the large revolution bosses are going to be forced to face is that of identifying the wants of the people and not their own projected wishes.

The first set of desires outlined by the imminent psychologist, Professor Frederick Hertzberg, is called “Hygiene Needs” and deals with a person’s relationship with the environment.

It basically refers to the way people are treated in the workplace – a bit like giving a person some dignity at work! It refers to a worker’s pay structure being fair, having correct supervision with good working conditions and firm but fair guidelines.

They are called Hygiene Factors, because if the factors are right, they stop folks from being discontented in their working environment, so they keep folk from being sad and that is their function. However, they don’t inspire people in their jobs.

Fair treatment is the cornerstone of this approach to management and is of the upmost importance. Unfair treatment, or what is seen as unfair treatment, will never be forgotten and routinely leads to a revenge psychology on the part of the worker.

Put simply, they’ll get back at you later because they can’t forget the unfairness that was levied upon them. This usually leads to sloppiness in their work duties or even deliberate intentional misuse of company property, time and even doing a bad job so they don’t feel as used and disempowered.

The principle here is extremely simple: Treat folk reasonably because not only in their best interests but will be beneficial to yourself and your company!

Allowing a person to grow in his occupation is necessary if you want your business to thrive. The vast majority of workers want to grow and show what they can do. They need to be in a position to feel at the end of the work that they contributed in some way to the advancement of the company and themselves.

Ensuring that the workforce feel they are advancing (or at least have the opportunity to advance) and are contributing is essential if a company is ever to expand past its current boundaries. These are the main motivators of a good manager.

These are the variables that managers can use to galvanize folks and bring them together as a unit while they remain individuals who are moving forward at their own pace.

Referring back to carrot and the stick (in the title of this article), Hertzberg implies that anybody can be made to do something when they are threatened or bribed enough. However, this is not the solution to running a good company as this approach will still not produce optimum results.

By threatening people einto action you can frighten them into doing a decent job – at least for awhile.

However, the fear of that is associated with threats often becomes dulled with time even if the threats are carried out. People have a natural in-built ability to overcome this kind of adversity and will only suffer threats for so long before rebelling.

At the positive end – offering bribes – may act as an incentive to workers but it does not ensure a “top-notch” job is being done. Workers will still only produce results to a level that earns them their reward. If you then try to set the reward higher for better performance worker’s will weight the rewards against the expenditure of energy required to attain it and will either expend that energy or ignore the reward.

What is needed is the integration of the belief that each worker has a significant role to play in the company and that their individual, and joint, efforts are essential to the continued success and growth of the company.

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