Motivational Alarm Clock

The alarm clock made by Motiwake is a new product for 2007. It is a personal development alarm clock that wakes you to the sound of relaxing music & motivational messages.

The idea behind the personal development alarm clock is simple. You set the clock to wake you up at your specified time but instead of hearing a radio station blasting wake-up music or an instrusive alarm sounding, causing you to grumble and hit the snooze button, you are presented with uplifting inspirational messages.

I am sure you have had the experience of being awoken to the sound of music playing, probably from your standard alarm clock, and had the music running through your head all day. Research has shown that you are at your most suggestible when your conscious mind is in a relaxed state. This is one of the reasons why self hypnosis is so effective at creating inner change. Well just before you go to sleep and immediately after awakening your conscious mind is still at rest but your powerful subconscious mind is extremely open to suggestions!

alarmclockThis is also one of the reasons a bad day can get worse. You wake up to the sound of an alarm, feeling tired and irritated, and as the day goes on it just gets worse. By waking up is a less than productive state you have unknowingly set yourself up for a bad day!

On the other hand, if you wake up feeling great and excited about the forthcoming day you tend to remain in that state and have a happy experience as the day unfolds.

Most times though we exercise little control over the state we are in when we waken and start the day on autopilot. We wake and glance at the clock. Perhaps we grumple that we have to get out of our warm cosy bed and go through another monotenous day!

Well, now you can choose how you being your day with the aid of the Motiwake. motiwake_small

Motiwake alarm clock uses MP3s so the messages can be downloaded to your phone also.

Motivational MP3s



Motiwake is a great little product that helps you start the day in a great mood. It is very affordable and offers some great affirmations in many different areas. You can chose from 240 affirmations that will help you stay focused on positive thoughts throughout your day, 24 personal development themes and 24 inspirational music alarm tracks.

It really is a very good product for the money. I used a similar approach with my standard CD player/Alarm. I would chose an inspirational cd and set the alarm clock to wake me to the affirmations on it. Unfortunately I was very limited to my choice of CD. I could not use a hypnosis track as they involve relaxation exercises which would have sent me back to sleep so I had to amass a collection of affirmations and burn them to a CD. This is time consuming.

Motiwake on the other hand have pre-recorded MP3 affirmations that are well scripted and it’s a great way to start your day. For the price of a standard alarm clock Motiwake is definitely worth the small investment if you want to start your day in a great frame of mind or keep your focus on your goals throughout the day!

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Alarm Clock by Motiwake.