Mind Machines

Changing your brain waves can have a profound effect upon your life in many different ways. Apart from the health benefits, to both mind and body, you can also program into your mind your goals, instil new beliefs and remove old negative beliefs. Actually creating specific brain wave patterns in the brain is called brain entrainment and can be done in a variety of ways.

When brain entrainment occurs you also get brain synchronisation where the two hemispheres of the brain work in harmony. This can have many positive and beneficial effects on the mind and body.

A decade, or so, ago the introduction of mind machines for brain entrainment was the most popular method of brain entrainment available. By using a small hand held device it was possible to create specific brain waves for specific purposes i.e. to induce deep relaxation, induce restful sleep or create more energy etc. Through the use of light and sound (mind machine)you could entrain your brain with 20 to 60 minute sessions.

The mind machine consisted of a small unit that sent light pulses through special eyeglasses with led lights in the lenses and stereo headphones which used sound frequencies. Combined these two methods, of light and sound, could easily change a person’s brain waves and thus entrain the brain. Although they were revolutionary and very effective these light and sound machines were (and still are) expensive!

The manufacturers of mind machines made the claim that they could induce deep states of meditation. Although this claim was true it was an expensive way to enter a meditative state however, this remains one of the main uses of this technology in the self improvement field.

The problem with using mind machines to create brain entrainment, and meditative states, is the price and the fact that they are sensitive pieces of equipment. If they are not cared for properly they can break and you will have just lost your investment. So what is the alternative?

Well although mind machines still remain popular, this popularity is waning with the introduction of cheaper options. Sound technology alone can now create the same altered states of consciousness that was previously only attainable through the best mind machines and expensive scientific equipment.

With the advancements made in binaural beats recordings it is now possible to get the same effects at a fraction of the cost!

Through the use of special tones, which are recorded at a specific frequency, binaural beats can lead you into a myriad of altered state within mere minutes. These recordings are so powerful that there are even those that have added subliminal messages to the recordings to create fast and permanent change in the listener. Such binaural beats have been proven to be highly effective!

Now you can enter the deepest states of transcendental meditation through the use of binaural beats recordings like Holosync. This technology is so powerful that the creators of the product, Centerpointe, have built an entire personal growth program around it!

By using Holosync you can greatly improve your life and gain all the advantages that you would get from spending the next twenty years as a Zen Buddhist monk!

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