Mind and Hypnosis!

Many years ago a true pioneer of research into the mind, Dr. Milton Ericson, made the statement that all hypnosis is self hypnosis. He made this statement because, essentially, any type of hypnosis requires a willingness to participate on the part of the person being hypnotised. Although there are many forms of hypnosis (including television) the person who enters the trance state must be willing to do so for trance to occur.

Of course skilful hypnotists can use covert methods to encourage people to lower their defences and enter trance states more readily but truly successful hypnotic sessions require participation and consent. This means that successfully reprogramming of the mind can only truly occur when you are willing to allow them to.

The common fear that someone else has full control over your mind during hypnosis is unfounded and the belief that you are in danger is completely erroneous. In order to establish the correct belief that you are, in fact, in control during hypnotic experiences it is therefore best to refer to trance induction as self hypnosis rather than using the general term “hypnosis”.

The hypnotic state is completely natural and can be objectified by brain wave activity. This special brain wave state known as alpha is common during trance. This powerful state can be used for mind training, deep relaxation, accelerated learning, visualization and a myriad of personal development purposes. However, this state is not just confined to hypnosis it is a state that every one of us moves in and out of several times every day.

However, as a self improvement tool self hypnosis can be used to condition your mind in positive ways and implant new powerful beliefs into your brain that can help you achieve more of the things you want in life.

From recent experimentation conducted by Quantum Physicists it would appear that beliefs, individual and collective, directly influence the physical world and environment. This concept was first touched on scientifically in 1801 when Young’s experiment (also known as the double-slit experiment) demonstrated the dual nature of light. Then in 1961 the experiment was performed with electrons (the smallest piece of matter).

Quantum mechanics have taken this experiment further by demonstrating the “observer” effect – the fact measuring the electrons determines how they act – which clearly shows that consciousness and thought effect the physical environment in a real and measurable way!

Although these experiments are well known in the scientific world their ramifications are only now seeping into the collective consciousness. In fact you still have people scoffing at the message given in “The Secret” even though there are hard scientific experimental data that supports the view that thoughts create the physical things we see around us.

Obviously if our thoughts are guiding our lives it would be wise to ensure we are thinking thoughts that guides towards what we want and away from what we do not want. However, if you have ever consciously tried to regulate your thinking you will know first-hand just how impossible a task that is!

For this reason self hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool!

By using self hypnosis it is possible to change your internal deep-seated beliefs about yourself, your capabilities, the world and your place in it. Through the use of trance you can change your automatic thinking so you are creating and attracting more of the things that you want in life.

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