Mike Dooley Review

Infinite Possibilities

Mike Dooley may have come to your attention because you watched the video presentation called The Secret.

mike-dooley-secretHis insights and advice in the documentry will no doubt have given you some idea of what his teachings are all about.

If you are a seasoned traveller on the path of personal development you will, most probably, be aware of the concept that our thoughts create our reality. Mike Dooley, creator of the Infinite Possibilities audio course, is a very clever, spiritual man who delivers this great message in a truly impactful way as he helps you to understand the power your thoughts have over your life.

Mike Dooley is a proponent of the Law of Attraction. He states; WE MAKE OUR OWN REALITIES, OUR OWN FATE AND OUR OWN LUCK… that, is how powerful we are… and THAT is how powerful YOU are.

He works on the premise that your thoughts are enough to change your destiny and build your life the way you want it. However, due to the conditioning of the world around us we tend to think in ways that reflect reality the way others see it and tell us it is. Therefore to offset all the contradictory thinking of the masses, you need to hear the above highlighted message as often as you have to hear all the others.

Mr Dooley, like some many others involved in personal development, tells us that we are infinite beings capable of manifesting our dreams and goals. Being infinite beings he believes that we already know how powerful we are and have just forgotten it as we adventure on the physical plane.

It is the main objective of the program to remind you of who and what you really are – an infinte being with infinite possibilities!

To this end Mike has packed the program with useful insights and universal truths that guide you gently into a new perspective on yourself, the world and your place in it.

By showing you how powerful you are, what you can really achieve and how much you truly deserve, he gentle begins to alter how you think. His best quote, which acompanies all his free “notes from the universe”, – Thoughts become things… choose the good ones!® – sums up his philosophy.


Infinite Possibilities: The Art Of Living Your Dreams claims that it is not a motivational program. I tend to agree. And one thing we don’t need is yet another motivational program – there are hundreds available. Books like Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich share the age old universal truth that thoughts do indeed create our reality. Mr. Hill’s work is designed to motivate you into action and shows you the steps you can take to manifest abundance and wealth. However, Mike Dooley has taken a different path and because it is gentle in its approach it works!

mike-dooleyThe program guides you into thinking differently and realising the truths of the universe. While listening to the messages he conveys you find yourself agreeing with them and you begin to understand how your life is the way it is now. I have found while trying many motivational programs, in the past, a lot of resistence came up that maded me think contrary to what I was being told in the programs. Of course, if I was thinking that I could not make the suggestions work then I had no chance of success with the programs!

However, as the truths unfold in this course I found myself agreeing with the messages and my resistence fading. As I felt that what I was hearing was true, on a intuitive level, I began to realise that on some level I always knew the truths and had always been using universal laws (although mostly to my detriment).

But as well as revealing universal truths Infinite Possibilities goes further and actually guides you into believing that your life can be the way you wish it to be. Once you start believing and using Mike’s advise by changing your thought processes your life will begin to change.

By revealing universal laws and helping the listener understand their place in the universe of physical form Mike Dooley truly delivers on his promise – to help you remember how powerful you are, how far you can reach and how much you deserve. If I had to describe this course in one word I would have to say “Brilliant”!

Mike Dooley

Infinite Possibilities:
The Art of Living Your Dreams