Memory Improvement Product Review

Special Review by Saoirse McGrath BA (Hons)Psychology

This memory improvement product – brought to us by Jonathan Hancock, who boasts an impressive array of memory world records – promises to share with us the key to remembering information effectively. He believes, that as memory is central to our daily lives, it can not only equip those studying with techniques which improve exam results, but also anyone attempting to harness the full potential of the human mind and develop essential life skills.

As a student, I found the Memory Power course to be nothing short of superb. The advice itself is spaciously presented, allowing the techniques to be absorbed easily – at no point did I feel bombarded with information.

Divided into four sections, we are shown how exactly the brain works, ways in which words can be remembered with ease, how to recall numerical material and, finally, how to impliment our new found skills into daily life. The methods described – an emalgumation of the newly devised and ancient – are practical, concise, and highly useful from the offset. The scientific facts, which we are introduced to, cast our often under-apprechiated minds in an entirely different and fascinating light. With many entertaining, interactive tests littered throughout, you can moniter your progress and I personally noticed astonding results very quickly.

Dry and difficult information to memorise, such as lists and dates, became quite easy to absorb following the step by step guide. I was able to recall essays virtually word-for-word in around five to ten minutes.

The final section came somewhat of a surprise to me. My interest in this course was originally limited to it’s academic beniefts, but the ability to improve daily life by utilising my memory more competently, transpired to be extremely useful. My stress levels reduced, safe in the knowledge I was remembering to complete my ever-flowing ‘To Do’ lists filled with the mundane to the vital. I definitely noticed a very real sense of calm and control.

Whether it is languages, essays, quoatations, people’s names, or even jokes that you find hard to recollect, this course will equip you with the necessary tools to do so. The secrets to card games and remembering phone numbers are all contained herin. We can learn to make ourselves memorable both in writing and person – tremendous for presentations at work, job interviews, or even in everyday conversation. I simply cannot reccommend this course highly enough!

Memory Course