Melting Anger!

We all feel angry at some time in our lives. Even the most placid of people feel anger. It is a natural emotional state that is experienced by every human being at some time. The problem occurs when we cannot control our anger or when it becomes such a part of our lives that it takes over.

Uncontrolled anger is a lethal force that often undermines and ruins lives in all kinds of ways. It can erupt in ways that cause harm to the person experiencing it and those around them. Some people actually enjoy being angry as it makes them feel in control and powerful. These people are the hardest to help because they want to maintain the current emotional state.

Although anger is a natural feeling that all humans have when we are angry we are out of control and our ability to think clearly and logically is greatly diminished. Most people do not fully understand or accept that getting angry is a choice. Even though it may appear that you (or someone else) “flips” into anger and becomes out of control there are thoughts and feelings that lead up to it. If these things were addressed at the time then uncontrollable anger would not ensue!

Anger is empowering for most of us. Of course there are people who find the feelings of anger frightening but for those of us who do experience these feelings we must realise that we have a choice.

Anger arises when we feel that our control has been taken from us. Anger empowers us and makes us feel powerful enough to strike out and take back our power.

However, when we get angry we lose focus and clarity of thought. Others around us stop listening to what we are saying and it is much harder to stand your ground and argue your point when you are in an angry emotional state. Anger actually robs us of our power!

When we start to feel anger deep breathing can help, as can trying to view the larger picture and reminding yourself that you will not be able to argue your point effectively in an angry state.

If you suffer from bouts of uncontrollable anger then the best thing to do is watch fro the signs that an onset of angry emotional responses may be not too far away. There are always signs that this is about to happen. You will most likely start to feel frustrated and anxious. You will also notice that you are harbouring negative thoughts which spiral out of control.

For example, if you are upset with a person who is not with you, you may have constant negative thoughts about that person and allow them to spiral out of control. Then you meet the person you “blow”.

When you notice the signs that a bout of anger is imminent or that you are thinking thoughts that will eventually lead you into an angry state remove yourself from the situation until you can get a handle on your feelings!

If you are building up to anger over a prolonged period then start to force your thoughts in another direction! Think of thinks that make you happy, relaxed or grateful. This is often enough to break the downward cycle and release you from your automatic thoughts and behaviours.

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