Everything You Wanted to Know About Meditation But Were Afraid to Ask

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a mind/body discipline that is designed to transcend thinking and free the mind to experience the blissful state of deep relaxation with focused attention. Meditation is well over 5000 years old and may stretch back much further into pre-history. There are many different forms of meditation which use different approaches.

Meditating by the waterHowever, most have the same highest goal of reaching realization or freedom from our thought conditioning and opening us up to a greater state of consciousness and connection to a higher power.

Many religious traditions advocate the use of meditation. Although meditation is often associated with Buddhists it has been practiced by almost all religious traditions in one form or another. For instance, Vedic Hinduism has the oldest written record of meditation.

Islam dictates that prayer should be performed five times daily while focusing on Allah through reciting the Quran. This is performed to create a deeper connection to the Divine. In ancient Judaism the prophets meditated regularly.

Christianity advocates devout prayer while focusing on God, which is practiced fervently in Monasteries. This is sometimes refereed to as “biblical meditation” especially by Biblical teacher Dr. Jim Richards.

There are also meditative prayers that are designed to focus the mind, such as the Catholic rosary where a prayer is said as you touch each bead on a 59 beaded chain with a crucifix at the end.


So Why Use Meditation?

The purpose of practicing modern western meditation is to calm the mind. By entering a state of meditation it is possible to become peaceful, remove current stresses and also free ourselves from past emotional issues. It is a way of gaining control over our mind which is extremely difficult under normal conditions.

Meditation is becoming a very popular way of controlling our unwanted or negative thinking processes. As our thoughts have a direct correlation with how we feel such negative thoughts can affect our mood throughout the day and therefore meditation, as a way of controlling thoughts and eliminating negativity, is an excellent tool for personal growth.

why meditateThrough sustained daily meditation it is possible to resurface old memories and remove any negative associations with them thus freeing our minds to think more positively and thus enjoy a more joyful natural state of being.

Once all negativity has been removed from the mind we are said to experience Nirvana or Realization as we understand our connectedness with all creation.

Many practitioners who reach this state are said to display an unshakable peace and are able to perform, seemingly, impossible feats of mind and body.

Other recent research into meditation by scientists has uncovered some startling evidence that a very real change in the brain occurs during mediation when it is entered by well-practiced meditaters.

When we are in an every day state of mind, going about our daily activities we display a Beta brainwave frequency.

However, when transcendental meditaters where monitored with sophisticated EEG machines, that measure brainwaves, they were found to display Alpha brainwaves.



The Dali Lama Talks About Meditation


21st Century Meditation at the Touch of a Button

Because of these discoveries it is now possible to replicate the state of meditation through artificial means. Meditational brainwave states can now be induced through a method called brain entrainment to create instant states of deep meditation with no effort through recordings like the Holosync meditation.

binaural beatsThese recordings use Binaural Beats to entrain the brain with frequencies that are identical to those of a transcendental meditator.

Thus you can now have all the benefits of meditation without the years of practice!

Other research has also shown that there are very real physical benefits to meditation that range from overcoming past emotional traumas to living longer!

Other benefits include lower blood pressure, faster post-operative recovery times, increased levels of serotonin (mood enhancer), aiding the body’s natural defences and a reduction in symptoms of many illnesses to name just a few!


So Why Use Holosync?

Holosync utilises the latest discoveries in sound technologies. Through the use of binaural beats Holosync guides the listener into ever deeper states of meditation.

The speed at which Holosync can create deep meditative states is astonishing!

Within minutes you can be experiencing a state of meditation that would, otherwise, take you decades to perfect – just by listening to your Holosync recording through stereo headphones!

Research, conducted by The Centerpointe institute (creators of the Holosync Solution) and other prominent scientists, into altered states of consciousness has been gathered over decades. The findings of a myriad of studies have been used to create a unique and cutting-edge self improvement tool.

Holosync is not just a meditative program but is a powerful personal development tool for stimulating major changes in the mind/body connection.

The holosync solutionThe added advantage of the Holosync program is its ability to help you reach your goals. By placing you in the optimum mental state (i.e. Alpha) you can gain direct access to the subconscious mind and program into it your desired goal or objective.

Meditation has been used for this purpose for centuries and its success rate is extremely high! Holosync is therefore a 21st Century goal-attainment tool.

In later parts of the Holosync program you are given the option of adding your own specifically designed affirmations to the recordings. The Holosync manufacturers take your chosen affirmations and weave them into the program so you can automatically reprogram your subconscious mind at a very deep level.

In addition to the above mentioned Holosync recordings you will also gain access to binaural beats recordings that are designed to create chemical reactions in the mind and body to promote greater health and even slow down aging. This makes the holosync program one of the most powerful and technologically advanced personal development tools available today.

Without doubt Holosync is fastest way to experience deep states of meditation and also removes the need for many years of dedicated practice!

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Centerpointe Holosync Interview

If you would like further information on instant meditation please visit the links above or the Holosync official site. You can also get 12 individual meditations in the form of Individual Binaural Beats Recordings.

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