Meditation Through Sound

Have you ever wanted to experience the deepest states of meditation known to Man? What are your reasons for wanting to learn meditation?

Perhaps you have heard of the Lord Buddha’s meditation at the foot of a tree. Here he sat meditating until he reached enlightenment. Would you like to gain your own insights into the nature of the universe and your connection to it just as Buddha did?

Maybe you have learned of the many health benefits that meditation offers and would like to boost your own healing. It may even be possible that you know of the great mental and emotional benefits that meditation offers its practioners. Or, maybe you are just intrigued to find out what all the fuss is about.

Whatever your reason for being interested in meditation I have some great news for you! For thousands of years learning to meditate has been a painstakingly long process. Even now Zen monks must dedicate an entire lifetime to practising transcendental meditation before they are proficient enough to be called Masters.

However, with the dawn of modern technology and our fast paced technological advancements it was merely a matter of time before science and spirituality met in the middle (at least in some things). There is now a sound technology available to ordinary people, like me and you, that can allow us to enter transcendental meditative states within a few short minutes – from the very first time you hear them!

This sound technology has made the benefits of meditation available to those of us who don’t have the time to learn traditional methods. Although modern technology has created many of its own problems (like putting a hole in the Ozone), it does occasionally come up with innovative and amazing solutions to ancient problems.

No longer do you have to spend many hours everyday “humming”, chanting or seated in the lotus position, in order to reach enlightenment. A research company called The Centerpointe Institute have created a transcendental meditation tool that sends you into extremely deep states of trance by just using a CD player, a set of headphones and their unique CDs!

Meditation has always been a skill that, like any other, took time to acquire and perfect. Now, however, it is just a matter of commitment. If you spend an hour a day with your Holosync Cds you are guaranteed to get all the benefits of 20+ years of deep meditation within a fraction of the time.

After spending years studying Zen meditation sessions, and using EEG machines to monitor the brainwaves of the Zen monks, Centerpointe created the Holosync Solution. This amazing technology is capable of sending any listener into the same states as those achieved by a very experienced Zen Master!

The technology behind this innovative product is based on binaural beats which were first discovered in 1839 in Germany. However, recent research, which started in the 1970s and continues to this day, uncovered the fact that these unique beats can create very specific brainwave states in anyone who listens to them through stereo headphones.

Bill Harris, the founder of Centerpointe, then twinned his knowledge of binaural beats with his company’s research findings into Transcendental meditation to create Holosync.

Would you like to experience Zen meditation, first hand, without having to spend a life-time learning it? Then read the review of Holosync and find out how easy it can be and the truly wonderful life-changing benefits it can bring!

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