Meditation Through Binaural Beats

Do you know that you can meditate at the click of a button? Welcome to the world of Binaural Beats!

Binaural beats are a great way to help you transform your life for the better by allowing you to instantly experience deep meditative states through the use of modern sound technology. They are an auditory technology that takes advantage of a phenomenon known as brain entrainment; the deliberate creation of certain brainwaves in the brain.

Although binaural beats were discovered way back in 1839, by a Berlin professor, it wasn’t until the 1970s that their true capabilities, and unique ability to create specific brainwaves in the listener, were found.

Through the use of rigorously assembled and scientifically produced recordings deep states of meditation can be entered into in just minutes. Before the discovery of binaural beats to enter such deep meditative states you needed to spend many years practising the art of meditation. Binaural beats means you can now do it in seconds.

To use this kind of sound technology for inducing deep states of meditation the sounds in the audio track must be recorded a very specific way. In fact the binaural beats do not actually exist and are a result of the way 2 tones, which are almost identical, are presented to the brain. These tones are only dissimilar in frequency by only a slight amount. One ear hears one tone while the other ear hears the other tone. When these sounds are combined in the brain they create a type of continuous pulsation effect.

Let me explain.

The difference in frequency between the 2 sounds is the key to creating the pulsation effect or binaural beats. When the tones are recorded in a certain and specific way and then listened to through stereo headphones you hear the binaural beats. These beats then force the brain to create very specific brainwaves with specific frequencies. The frequency of the brainwaves produced when listening to the binaural beats are the same as the difference between the original tones used in the recording.

In order to create the binaural beats one tone is sent to the right ear while the other tone is sent to the left ear. This creates a beat like effect in the brain because the brain merges the sounds to create one sound only. However, as the tones are slightly different in frequency the sound created in the brain is uneven and a beat-type effect occurs.

These binaural beats then have a frequency that is the difference between the two original tones. This was the discovery of Heinrich Wilhelm Dove at the University of Berlin in 1839.

However, it was in 1973 that Gerald Oster discovered the real power of these binaural beats. He found that when a person hears these beats the brain will produce brainwaves with a frequency that is the same as the beats!

Because scientists have long known which brainwaves have specific positive (and negative) effects on the mind and body, Oster was able to use binaural beats recordings to deliberately create these physical, mental and emotional states.

Now through the use of specifically created binaural beats tracks anyone can enjoy the same effects. In fact you can even create a mental state that is equal to that of a practitioner of transcendental meditation – without having to spend 25 years practising the art!

Binaural beats recordings offer an extremely easy way to enter deep states of meditation with almost no effort at all. The only requirements are a specific binaural beats recording, a play-back device and a set of stereo headphones – the recording will do the rest!

However, I’m sure there are many of you who will still want to try it the conventional way.

Over the centuries many various sorts of meditation have been revealed. Some use breathing techniques while others use psychological methods – like concentrating on one targeted thought and holding it.

However, by far, the simplest way to experience meditation is through the use of binaural beats. Although you can experience the state now by relaxing, closing your eyes and repeating a query you need the solution to in your mind many people are unsure if they are performing meditation properly.

Therefore binaural beats is a way to ensure you enter a meditative state and one that is so deep it would be impossible to achieve it without spending years practising.

If you have an interest in experiencing meditation then I strongly suggest you try binaural beats.
If you are interested in using meditation for self improvement purposes you can check out Holosync which is a personal growth program that uses binaural beats.

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