Meditation Stool Review


Although you most likely know of the many positive effects of practising meditation you may not be fully aware of how you can benefit from using a simple meditation stool

Meditation is becoming more popular with every passing year because of the huge benefits it offers to practioners. However, a vast majority of “newbies” stop in their attempts before they really get started. Even experienced meditators are not getting the full, and enormous, benefits from their meditations for one simple reason – they cannot fully relax the body so they can focus on their mental exercises!

The Meditation Stool

In fact failure to relax the body properly accounts for the vast majority of failures with meditation! This is why the mediation stool was invented thousands of years ago!

The meditation stool was invented in ancient times for several reasons one of which is to relax the body sufficiently to allow the meditator to focus on mental exercises without physical distractions!

Relaxing the body is an important step in the meditation process. You must still the body so that you can focus your attention on the mind. If you are having to constantly adjust your position in order to get comfortable your mind will be thus occupied by your physical self and not concentrated on your mental practises.

This is why meditation is considered a mind/body discipline. You must still the body before you can ever still the mind.

If you have trouble fully relaxing your body, or you get tense or uncomfortable during your meditations then the traditional meditation stool could well be the answer to your problems!

The Meditation Stool Design

A traditional meditation stool allows you to sit very comfortably for long periods and was designed solely for meditative purposes.

A traditional and well designed meditation stool provides backless seating. Although there are a few different designs the traditional approach means you are close to the floor with your knees bent and legs tucked under the meditation stool.

As we are use to being seated in a much higher position with our feet firmly on the ground and at a right angle this may sound like a strange way to relax (and may even sound like it would be uncomfortable to the western mind), however using a meditation stool is in fact extremely relaxing and very comfortable.

Meditation Stool

The Benefits of a Meditation Stool

There are some excellent advantages of using a meditation stool. Firstly a meditation stool is designed to keep your back straight. By keeping your spine straight when seated properly on the meditation stool you are actually being conditioned to use correct posture.

We all know that poor posture can cause back complaints and other physical problems but from a meditative point of view poor posture can interfere with your ability to remain focused. For these two reasons alone a meditation stool is very advantageous.

For some reason the best type of mediation stool is made in England. The British seem to keep to the traditional design make excellent stools from hard wood covered with comfortable cushioning. I have personally found ebay to be the best source for very reasonably priced, high quality seats. Many are hand crafted and much cheaper than those available in the States. Although you will have to wait a little longer on delievery the International postage is low and you still save money while getting a superior product. If you are interested in choosing the best meditation stool for you you can visit the “Meditation Stool” link below or “Meditation Cushion” link and browse all the different designs available.

meditation-cushionMeditation Stool

Meditation Cushion

You may also be interested in the 21st Century approach to meditation using a set of audio sound tracks called Holosync which uses a sound technology based on binaural beats.