Meditation Exercises for Laser Focus

Directing your focus can be an important skill in life. Concentration and the ability to focus your concentration can make the difference between winners and losers in some situations. However, being able to direct your focus has much more life connotations that just being able to concentrate better.

We tend to get more from life what we are focusing on. Whether you wish to call this “the law of attraction” or just “selective attention” really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that your life experiences tend to follow your dominant focus.

So being able to focus on the positive and less on the negative will allow you to see more positives and therefore feel happier. It will also allow you to identify more opportunities for bettering your life if you focus your attention on the opportunities that already surround you!

Meditation is an excellent way to hone your focusing skills and for sharpening your ability to stay concentrated. If you can master this art then you can truly master your life!

Right now your mind might appear to be its own unruly master throwing thoughts around your head as it sees fit but through practise you can improve your concentration to a sufficient level. Through practise you can direct your focus for sustained amounts of time on anything that you want.

The following meditational exercises will help you to develop your concentration and focus.

You can start by directing your focus to your heart. The heart is often connected to love and our spiritual selves so it has great symbolism in ancient meditative practises.

For your first exercise you will concentrate all your awareness on the spiritual heart which is located in the centre of your chest very close to the physical heart. Imagine that light is swirling around your heart area and begins to move out all across your body. Visualize this light engulfing your entire body and then streaming outward into the world. Imagine this light engulfing the planet and moving out in all directions into space.

Now focus on your heartbeat. Just become aware of its beating rhythm. If you keep your focus on your heartbeat you will find everything else fading away and you will also become extremely relaxed and at peace.

After doing this for several minutes or longer, if it feels pleasant and comfortable, start to move the focus of your attention to your breathing. Breathing has always played an important role in meditation and regulating your breath will heighten your concentration abilities and sharpen your focus to a high degree.

Take a deep breath in for 5 seconds and then exhale for the count of 5 seconds. Just concentrate on your breathing and nothing else. Within a few short minutes your brainwaves will have slowed down to alpha and you will be in a very deep meditative state (perhaps even a theta state). While in this state you can continue to focus on your breathing or focus on a particular goal you wish to accomplish. Then prepare for miracles!

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