Meditation at the Push of a Button?

What are binaural beats and what do they have to do with meditation?

Binaural beats are a type of auditory technology which is used to produce a phenomenon in the brain known as brain entrainment. When two separate, special, tones are recorded in such a way that one ear hears one tone and the other ear hear the second tone; an ensuing low-frequency pulse is created by the brain.

These special tones are very similar in nature and only differ slightly due to their vibrational frequency. It this difference in vibrational frequency, between the two tones, which creates some “magic” in the brain. To explain this we need to look at how the brain processes sound.

There is a natural phenomenon that occurs when you hear a sound through both ears. Although a sound will originate from the same source your two ears hear it differently for obvious reasons – they are on different sides of your head, at different angles from the sound!

However, you do not hear two separate sounds because the brain merges the sounds together to form just one. This sound then has special characteristics that lets you guess how far the origin of the sound is from you and what direction it came from etc.

This is why the brain merges the two tones in a binaural recording because it believes that they are the same sound just heard slightly differently through each ear. However, because these tones are slightly different in frequency (instead of volume) a strange thing happens in the brain.

When the brain merges the sounds it creates a (non-existent) pulse, or beat, effect that is clearly heard by the listener but which does not actually exist!

This beat has a frequency that is the exact mathematical difference between the frequencies of the two tones.

The frequency of the tones must be below about one 1000 to 1500 hertz for the pulsation, or beat type effect, to get heard. The difference between the 2 frequencies must be relatively small (below about 30 hertz) for the effect to take place. Otherwise, the 2 tones will be heard separately and no beat will be perceived at all.

When these binaural beats are produced by the brain another strange, but exciting, thing occurs. As well as producing the binaural beats themselves the brain also starts to produce brainwaves that are the exact same frequency as the binaural beats!

“Why is this good news?” you may ask.

Well, for a long time scientists have known the specific brainwave frequencies which are associated with specific physical, emotional and mental states! It is now possible to manufacture binaural beats that have the same frequency as those brainwaves and thus deliberately create the brainwaves. So, by listening to a professionally produced binaural beats recording it is possible to create specific physical, mental and emotional states!

There are available recordings that have been made that use these scientifically generated sounds to alter your brainwaves so you can experience very specific states. Using the latest research and the newest audio recording technology, manufacturers have created an array of binaural beat CDs and MP3s that can do some extraordinary things.

Do you want to experience deep relaxation, Zen-like meditations, ecstasy, lucid dreams, more creativity or a host of other physical, emotional and mental states? Then read the review of binaural beats and find out how you can access these states instantly at the touch of a button!

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