Meditate The Zen Way

Can you meditate deeper than a Zen monk using the Holosync sound technology?

If you are on any type of personal development quest I’m pretty sure you will have heard of the Holosync Solution. Holosync is a set of meditation recordings that use brain entrainment, through binaural beats, to accelerate your personal growth.

Although it is possible to listen to a free Holosync Demo, I thought it would be helpful for you to hear from someone who has been using it for several years now.

I hope this short article will give you some insight into Holosync and help you decide whether it is suitable for your purposes or not.

Holosync Beginnings

Bill Harris is famed for being the brains behind Holosync although the Centerpointe meditation tool was actually created by Bill and Wes Wait. Having a life-time interest in self improvement and meditation they developed the Holosync technology in 1989 although it has grown in popularity and advanced in technology since those early beginnings.

Having experimenting with the use of binaural beats to create specific brainwave frequencies in the brain they decided to create a product which incorporated them that could be used for meditation purposes. It is has been known since the 1800s that when 2 sounds, which differ only slightly in frequency, are played to separate ears, the brain perceives the difference between the two frequencies as a ‘beat’.

This “phantom” beat effect is called binaural beats technology and it enables your brainwaves to move into different frequency ranges such as alpha, theta and delta. Harris and Wait had the idea of using these binaural beats to alter a listener’s state of mind so it would reflect the exact same brainwave state as that of a Zen Buddhist monk.

The good thing about meditating the Holosync way is that it is very straightforward to do. In fact you don’t really have to do anything except set aside the necessary time to listen to the recordings. The binaural beats do all the work for you! You do not need any experience with meditation to get the benefit from using this technology nor do you need to practice any mental meditation exercises. All you have to do is sit or lie down close your eyes and relax as you listen.

As Bill Harris asserts, “Holosync is a method to create deep meditation simply, exactly and consistently.”

Holosync Benefits

When you start listening to Holosync you will probably not feel a lot different. In fact many people think it isn’t working when they first try it. This is normal as is falling asleep. However, the recording is still doing its job whether you are aware of it or not!

If you make the commitment to keep listening to the recordings very soon you will start to see major changes taking place in you. You become calmer and less likely to become stressed. Old memories surface of negative experiences that you have had as you begin to let go of the emotional connection you have had to them and hidden in your subconscious mind.

All in all when you keep up your easy-meditations you get all the benefits of traditional mediation without any of the hassle associated with learning to do it!

Would you like to become less stressed and live more in the moment? In fact would like to be able to change almost any area of your life at the touch of a button? Then read the full review of this amazing technology at Holosync.

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