Manifesting Your Dreams

Ok, so you’ve heard about the law of attraction and you’ve got clear on what you want. You’ve made your “wish” list and decided on the most important, or the best, item to start you off on your manifestation journey. You may have decided that you’re going to manifest a new car, house, boat or million pounds? If that’s the case then you may be starting off a little too “gun-hoe”. Have you considered building your law of attraction skills by starting small?

Although the law of attraction can just as easily bring you a top of the range jet fighter as it can a Tonka toy your mind will most probably have issues with your ability to attract such a thing. The mind sets the size!

Therefore it is often usual to start with a small goal and build up your confidence in your own ability to consciously manipulate the law of attraction in your life. For this reason it might be best to focus on attracting a new cell phone, TV or even exciting life experience.

The key is to start small and work your way up! However don’t simply sit there wishing and thinking it would be great if you could only get what it is that you want. This world works in often confusing ways. The very fact that you want something will keep it away from you! Let me explain.

The law of attraction is a very simple cosmic principle – you get more of what you think about – So far, so good. So, if you think about what you want then you should get it…… right? ……… wrong!

The very desire for the thing you want is a silent affirmation that you do not have it. Therefore, by focusing on the fact that you want a thing you are actually stating, in your own mind, that you do not have it. That means you are focused on thoughts that reflect the lack of the thing you want. You are not focused on having but of not having it!

In order to get what it is that you now want you need to convince your subconscious mind that you already have it!

When it comes to manifestation, there are a great many different tools, which can help you, to get into the mindset of already having the thing that you desire. Some people cut out some photos of what they want and put them on a “vision board” to help them visualize their life with their desires. Others use self hypnosis, affirmations and subliminals etc., in an attempt to gain access to the subconscious part of the mind and reprogram it with the belief that they already have all that they now desire.

Unfortunately, we do tend to come up against a lot of internal resistance when we try to convince ourselves that we already have what we want. Everything in our physical environment supports the “lack” of it! So how do we overcome this problem so that we can attain the correct mindset and manifest the things we desire? Well the easiest method is to visualize yourself already in possession of the thing you desire.

This immediately starts the processes involved with the law of attraction. Within just a few seconds of keeping a sustained thought you are already attracting it to you. The problem arises when you go back to thinking about not having it!

So, when you visualize try your best to get into the feeling place of having. What does it feel like to have that thing NOW? The stronger you make the feelings of having it the faster the law of attraction will bring it to you.

Another thing to do that is very helpful for creating and maintaining the mindset of “having” your desire is to ensure your environment reflects the fact that it is already yours. For example, a woman wanted to attract her “ideal man”. She visualized her with him and evoked all the correct emotions. However, he never turned up. After consulting a law of attraction coach she decided to make her environment reflect the fact that he was already in her life. So she made room in the garage for his car, sat a place for him at her dinner table, slept on only one side of the bed etc., in preparation for his arrival. 2 weeks later she met the man that she would later marry!

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