Manifesting Your Dreams!

Is your life truly moving in the direction that you want it to? Are your relationships as happy and harmonious as they could be? Is your bank account filled to over-flowing and your environment a reflection of all the opulence and wealth that this planet has to offer? Probably not or you would not be reading this article!

Well do you realise that you can affect the direction of your life and force it to take any direction you want? It is totally true that you can manifest your dreams. You can achieve all your goals and you can live in happiness, contentment and peace. You just need to know how to do it.

By the end of this article it is my hope that you will have an understanding of the foundations for manifestation at the very least!

When you know certain secrets about how the universe works to create reality and you combine those secrets with the knowledge of how you mind works you will know everything you ever need to know. When you start to utilise this knowledge in a practical way you will begin to see major shifts occurring in your life and in everything that surrounds you!

There is a truth behind manifestation that is often forgotten! If you consider this truth, first of all, then you will understand how easy it is to manifest your dreams.

To allow you to understand this truth you must ask yourself the following question: Did you have to consciously try to create the problems you have in life?

Of course not! Your problems just occurred by themselves, didn’t they? Well, no they did not! You attracted them to you. You attracted everything you have in your life through the power of the Law of Attraction. What you think and feel now determines what you will experience in the future. What you are experiencing now is in direct alignment with what you have thought and felt in the past.

You did not have to make a conscious effort to create your problems and likewise, when you know how to use your mind, you will not have to make a conscious effort to create your dreams!

So, if both sides of the coin are just as easily to manifest why have you continually manifested problems instead of your dreams?

This question is simple to answer! The problem does not lie in your conscious thinking and your conscious emotions. The problems lie in your subconscious mind!

All your beliefs are held in your subconscious mind and it is here where the majority of your thinking takes place. Thoughts create things! What do you think your subconscious thoughts are creating for you? If you want an answer to that questions just take a look around you. Everything in your life has been created or attracted to you via your subconscious beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

There will be things in your life that you like and wish to continue and things in your life that you do not like and wish to change. To change those things that you do not like you must first change your subconscious programming!

These can either easy to do or impossible! If you do not know the correct way of accessing the subconscious mind and removing the “Negatives” from it then it is impossible to build the life that you want. However, when you know how to remove the insidious negative subconscious programs properly you can do it in seconds.

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