Manifesting Miracles in 6 Easy Steps

There are some people who seem be lucky. They apparently generate miracles effortlessly and manifest their dreams with very little effort. For the rest of us it is a different story! Try and try as we might we are only rewarded with frustration, exhaustion and confusion. So, what makes some people abundant and “lucky” in life, while others are “unlucky” and immersed in lack?

Well it all come down to only a few things that “lucky” people do, either consciously or unconsciously, and “unlucky” people don’t do! Once you understand and work with the following points you too will begin to manifest miracles.

Here are a few things you can do right now to turn the situation around and begin manifesting the things that you want in life:

1. Decide That Everything Happens For a Reason!

Automatically assume that the world is kind. When anything happens, even something that seems to be negative in nature, assume that it is just a stepping-stone to something better. This is a mind-set that the most successful people on the planet share!

2. Expect the Universe to Support You!

So very often we ask for help from the Universe or God and yet we do not expect it to come. If you are a Christian you will be aware that Jesus thanked the Father each time he asked for a miracle (more on gratitude later). Why was he thanking the Father before he received the miracle? – Because he was fully expectant that he was going to get it! Jesus knew that it would happen so he thanked the Father before he had even seen the manifestation of his desire!

3. Look for Opportunities.

Opportunities surround us and are presented to us every day. However, we have conditioned ourselves to look away from them. We have become habituated into looking at our problems and not looking for the solutions. Start now to widen your gaze!

4. Eliminate the Desire.

The Lord Buddha said that desire leads to all suffering. Now, you may think that mentioning the fact that you need to eliminate your desires in an article about manifesting your desires and creating miracles is strange, but it is a necessary step.

You see desire is insatiable. You can never satisfy a desire. Because as one desire gets satisfied another takes its place – it is a never-ending cycle. However, there is another reason to remove desire and it is connected to the law of attraction!

When you desire a thing and lust after it you are affirming that you do not have it! Therefore you are just perpetuating the lack of that thing! To learn more about removing desire and the “want” for things, so that you can HAVE THEM, visit Release Technique.

5. Cultivate a Feeling of Gratitude.

As I mentioned earlier Jesus was thankful to the Father for his miracles even before they happened because he expected them to happen. Well gratitude plays a huge role in manifestation. Again this can be traced back to the law of attraction! When we are feeling grateful we are focused on the things we like and therefore we attract more things to like! Its pretty simple really!

6. Take Action.

This is the final step and is essential if you wish to manifest your goals and experience miracles. Even Jesus performed some type of physical act when performing miracles whether it was rubbing a blind man’s eyes or touching a leper!

Take small steps towards your dreams and the universe will take giant leaps to meet you!

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