Make Your Relationship New Again!

Relationships are the cornerstone of human existence. We have enter into new relationships all the time while we renew old ones. In fact we have relationships with almost everything including inanimate objects.

Relationships are really all about how we relate, or interact, with things in our lives. Obviously the most important relationships are with our spouse and family. Next are probably the relationships we have with our co-workers and bosses. Then we have the neighbours and the shop assistants etc.

Now most of these relationships can go on as they have always gone on. However, when we neglect our closet relationships we often find problems arise. Most relationships of a romantic nature start off well but the romance fades over time. How would you like to renew those relationships and regain the spark that you have lost?

Well renewing your relationships does take some commitment and time. You need to put forth the energy if you wish to reap the rewards. Working on your communication is always a good start.

Openly talking to your partner about your hopes, dreams and goals can instil the lost passion that you have lost and allow you to share in a future vision together. In fact there are many things you can do to renew your existing relationships. However, by far the best thing you can do for any relationship with another person is to first fix the relationship you have with yourself!

Although the intimate relationships we have in life are every important and need to be worked on the relationships that we have with ourselves are very often overlooked. Well, how can you expect someone else to give you love, appreciation and open communication if you fail to give those things to yourself?

You can’t!

Before working on any relationship in your life it is essential that you get the relationship you have with yourself right! How many times today did you berate yourself or have unrealistic expectations of what you could do? How many times did you speak unkindly to yourself today?

Unfortunately most of us speak to ourselves, through internal dialogue (and the occasional verbal outburst) in ways that we would never speak to another or allow them to speak to us!

Learning to be kind to ourselves and offering ourselves support and approval is the first step to mending all your relationships. When we love ourselves unconditionally we allow ourselves to experience only the best that life has to offer. We also give ourselves permission to accept love from others in return.

Likewise we give other permission to love us and disallow any negative behaviour towards us. We build high self-esteem and this is reflected in every area of our lives.

Truly if you wish to mend or renew your relationships with other people, or even build new, positive, life-affirming connections with new people, you need to fix your personal relationship with yourself.

Would you like to renew all your relationships and learn to love yourself and other people at an even deeper more accepting level? Then read about the Sedona Method which can utterly transform your life!

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