Main Hypnotic Proposals You Need to Use In Self Hypnosis

Which hypnotic recommendations should you use in hypnosis? I will show you 5 main proposals and show how you can use them in your self hypnosis practice.

Here are the 5 main suggestions.

1. Relaxation suggestions. These should aim to put you at ease that will introduce a state of receptivity. This establishes a firm foundation for further proposals. It helps you to focus inwardly while shutting out most external conditions.

For example, “Feel your muscles relax and feel your neck and shoulders relax and as they relax you find your mind begins to relax”.

2. Deepening proposals to place you into deeper states of trance. These improve your trance state in many different ways and provide an activity for single focus. When you concentrate on one thing the mind and body tend to relax more.

For example, “Your eyes are heavy and you can’t resist closing them. As the close shut you find that you cannot open them. Your eyes are firmly shut but relaxed. Relaxed but firmly closed”.

3. Post hypnotic instructions geared towards an end goal. These instructions should be clear, concise and directed at the end outcome. Direct proposals are given as commands.

For example for confidence, “Your confidence is growing strong. Your self confidence grows quickly. You enjoy the feeling if being confident”.

4. Image suggestion can now be used to help formulate a mental picture of the desired goal as having been accomplished. It reinforces the direct proposals given as commands. This creates a psychological foot hold and sets the scene for a specific purpose.

For example, “Imagine how you will feel when you are that confident. See yourself now as the confident person you were destined to be. Imagine standing in a situation that once made you uncomfortable but now your confidence shines through.”.

5. Indirect ideas have 2 major types.

(a) In the first type, the required emotional state is centred on reviewing past experiences. Where a bad experience occurred you can diffuse it easily.

(b) In the second type, the hypnosis subject is guided during the hypnotic experience to relive past positive experiences and the positive emotions associated with them.

For example;

(a) “View that past experience where you were terrified and felt uneasy as a movie on a theatre screen. Now drain out the entire colour and shrink the screen to the size of a postage stamp. Watch as the screen fades to nothing and then disappears.”

(b)”Remember that pleasant time as if it was a movie playing on a screen. Make the colours brighter, the sounds louder and the feelings even more intense. See that younger you. Walk up to the screen and enter that movie. Now walk into that younger you and become that person once again.”

These are the 5 main hypnotic suggestions. Use them wisely in your self hypnosis sessions to improve the effectiveness of the hypnotic process and enhance your results.

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