Magical Beats in the Brain!

Modern technology has created many problems for us from excess greenhouse gases to added stress. However, it does have its major advantages. In fact modern technology has now devised a way to accelerate personal growth and ensure that we can all enter the necessary deep states of mind needed for “real” self-improvement to take place. This modern technology takes the form of special audio recordings and is known as binaural beats.

It would appear that there are a number of different corporations selling CDs, tapes, MP3s and electronic gizmos based on the basic idea of binaural beats. Though they come in several different forms and have different claims, all of them exploit an engaging quality of the brain which is unique to binaural beats.

So how do binaural beats work and what can they do?

Well binaural beats are basically two separate tones recorded in a special way. One tone gets sent to the left ear while the other tone gets sent to the right ear. The only difference between these two tones is a very slight difference in their vibrational frequency – think of two tuning forks one a high “C” the other a low “C”.

Let’s examine the inner workings of these tones by looking at ordinary musical instruments as an example. If you were to hear 2 musical instruments playing the same note, but barely out of tune with one another, you would hear a kind of warbling or vibrato effect. These warbles, or pulsations, are the very same phenomenon that occurs in a binaural beats recording, and exist inside a tiny range of tunings.

In a binaural beats recording the ears hear two slightly different sounds one sound to one ear, the other sound to the other ear. However, because these sounds are so closely related, the brain merges them thinking that they are the same sound just heard differently by each ear – because one ear may be further away from the sound than the other or at a different angle from the sound etc.

This is a completely natural affect that helps us gauge the origin of a sound, the speed at which it is travelling compared to us (i.e. how far away it is) etc.

Now, if the instruments mentioned in our example above are completely in tune, the effects of the warble are absent, and if they are truly far out of tune, then you simply hear 2 differing notes. But when the difference is only slight you will hear the warble effect.

Now, scientists have known since the late 19th Century that you can get precisely the same effect if you play a tone in one ear and another tone, which is a touch lower or a touch higher in pitch, to the other ear. Hear either sound individually, and it sounds normal but when you listen to these tones through stereo headphones you can clearly hear the warble effect that is produced by the brain. In other words, this effect is not an acoustic one, but is produced by the brain.

It is these warbles that we know as “binaural beats”. Ok this is interesting but how is that of any use to your personal growth?

Well, when you listen to these binaural beats a strange thing happens in the brain! The brain has a tendency to follow prolonged outside stimuli which is a phenomenon that you will be aware of if you have ever been relaxed by a ticking clock or the sound of ocean waves! When you listen to a binaural beats recording the same thing happens; the binaural beats will cause the brain to fall into sync with the frequency of the beats. This means the brain starts to produce brain waves that have the same frequency as the binaural beats.

Now, the frequency of brainwaves, as they are associated with specific states, is well known. Scientists have been studying brain waves and brain wave states for many years and can now identify many mental, physical and emotional states just by looking at which brain waves are being produced by the brain. For example, brain wave frequencies such as Theta and Delta will produce extreme relaxation in the body and cause deep, restful sleep.

Through the use of binaural beats it is now possible to create any brainwave frequency you want and thus experience the associated mental and physical states that are associated with those brain wave frequencies. If you wanted to fall into a deep, restful sleep, for example, all you have to do is listen to a binaural beats recording in the Theta or Delta range!

In fact these binaural betas recordings have been perfected to such a degree that you can even get recordings that even rearrange the neural network of the brain to produce amazing transformations such as the removal of negative emotional connections to unwanted memories, changing habits and the elimination negative beliefs – such as those offered by Holosync.

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