Many people believe in a strange phenomenon known as ‘luck’. Some place all their faith in little lucky charms like a rabbit’s foot, talisman or mojo. A four leaf clover has been a favourite for centuries and the chineese have all manner of charms to invoke luck in all areas of life. I have read many stories of such lucky charms bringing great fortune and abundant luck to their owners but in this scientific age are we really to believe that inanimate objects can bring us good fortune and a helping hand from fate?

In order that we may answer this question I think a quick look at what we consider luck to be would shed some light on a possible theory.

The vast majority of people consider luck to be purely the product of fate; something over which we have no control. Other’s think that it is predestined whether we are lucky or not and still some others would suggest it is all at the whim of God.

However, it is interesting to note that when we observe truly lucky people and those whom fortune has favoured (through seemingly lucky breaks) that they are mostly those individuals who strive for a purpose and work to achieve their goals. What appear to be conincidences lead these people to be in the right place, at the right time around in the right people. To those of us looking into their world and lives from the outside these occurrences seem to be the product of chance, conincidence, fate or ‘luck’!

However, to the benificerary of such occurrences see them merely as a stepping stone, or helping-hand, towards the goal they are striving to achieve. They truly believe that they will reach their goal and therefore do not believe in fate or conincidences. The luck is of their own making.

Another type of person who displays a good share of good luck in life tends to display the unique personality trait (the conviction or belief) that they are lucky and attract luck. They focus on what they want and therefore the universe tends to set up events and people that conform to that belief. They do not consciously create their good luck but unconsciously hold the belief that they are lucky. Their focus is on being lucky and they therefore recieve more good luck.

If you want to be a lucky person then start thinking about how lucky you have been in the past. How lucky are you to be living the age of technology when you can sit in front of your computer screen and read this article? How lucky are you that you have access to such information that has been hiden from the masses for thousands of years? How lucky are you that you have the eyes to read it?

Focus your attention on the things you have that make you feel happy. Think of the things you want consistently until you believe that you will have them. See yourself enjoying them. Set a goal, make a plan and take action. You will begin to see seeming conincidences taking place that other people consider to be pure luck!

Start to believe that your luck is changing. Exaggerate every little postive happening in your life in your own mind and thoughts that it was created by ‘good luck’ of your own making and you will start to see your luck increasing.

If you make a serious study of those people who are consistently lucky then you will find some or all of the above character traits in their personalities. If you emulate the way they think, act and accept their beliefs as the truth, then you too will emulate their experiences, success and luck. It is all a matter of how you think, feel and what you believe.

So do lucky charms work?

Yes! – If you believe they do! There is even Good Luck Hypnosis programs to develop this belief.

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