How to Lucid Dream in 7 Days or Less

Have you ever wanted to live out your fantasies? Have you ever wanted to do the impossible? How about your experiencing your deepest desires with no repercussions? Would you like to meet famous people or visit places that up to now where unavailable to you?

I know I have wanted to do all these things and more.

You can be a Jedi knight in a lucid dreamStriving for goals and aiming to achieve things is an admirable trait of character but not all of us have the time, energy or inclination to strive for difficult.

And let’s face it some desires are just impossible to achieve in the real world.

lucid dreaming
Learn to lucid dream in 7 days or less


The Easiest Way to Experience Your Desires

But what if there was an easier way to experience all that you desire without the need for goal-setting or hard work?

What if you could do anything you wanted, be with anyone you choose or even be anyone you wanted to be?

Would you like to travel to distant lands, slay a dragon or be transported to a different planet to fight evil aliens with a light saber?

Enter the world of Frozen in a lucid dream

Perhaps you would like to visit the Frozen world with Anna and Elsa or be a fairy princess.

Perhaps you would love to surf the highest waves, walk with dinosaurs, see ancient Rome or just chill on a tropical beach.


Fantasy Life

If you are interested in embarking on many adventures into the realms of fantasy then there’s good news. Bradley Thompson says you can live out your fantasies easily with a very simple technique, and he guarantees your total success in just seven days!

So what is this mysterious technique that enables you to do the impossible?

It is of course Lucid Dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming is the ability to wake up inside your dreams and take complete control of them while experiencing them as vividly as reality.

lucid dreaming
Learn to lucid dream in 7 days or less


Lucid Dreaming

We sleep on average 8 hours out of every 24. That means that you lose a staggering one third of your life to sleep.
Would you like to use that time more productively?

Lucid1The idea of using your dreams to solve problems and get creative insights is not a new one. In fact neither is the idea of lucid dreaming. However, the using your dreams for pure pleasure and fantasy achievement is a realitively new concept.

There are lots of different products available to create lucid dreams from very expensive sleep devices, hypnosis recordings and subliminal programs to meditations and visualisations.

However, I have never found any of these to be truly effectual at creating the lucid dreaming state. Using all of these thechniques I only ever achieved limited success – until now!

Try the Lucid Dreaming Kit for 7 days


The Lucid Dreaming Kit

The Lucid Dreaming kit was designed to ensure anyone could aquire the skill of conscious dream control within a very short period of time.

lucid-dreamingAs well as specific, easy exercises that only take minutes to perform, the lucid dreaming kit includes an Audio Stimulation CD which is designed to be played as you go to sleep.

This recording incorporates special beats and reality promps to help you become lucid during yje REM dream state.

The only problem with the audio approach is that you have to play the recording on a loop sequence throughout the night. This can be annoying for a partner who has no interest in lucid dreaming or, on the odd occasion, it may cause sleep deprevation to sensitive sleepers.

Although the Audio Simulation CD caused the most lucid dreams we had one reviewer who could not listen to it while asleep.

They never-the-less experienced lucid dreaming after performing the exercises outlined in the Lucid Dreaming Kit.

In addition the kit also includes a written guide and software for your computer that includes a subliminal screen saver to program your subconscious mind for lucid dreams. 

Lean to lucid dream in 7 days or less
Learn to lucid dream in 7 days or less


The Lucid Dreaming Kit gives you exactly what you asked for – Lucid dreams.

Like anything in life that is worthwhile you will have to use the course. That means investing the time necessary for your success. But the benefits you receive are outstanding.

Imagine being able to use your dreams for anything you desire.

The experience of a lucid dream is so exhilarating that you will not get the full impact of it until you actually do it. And you can
do it with this kit.

LucidDreamingBradley Thompson guarantees you will be lucid dreaming in under one week.

Although you will not be lucid dreaming every night after the seven day period you will experience at least one lucid dream and probably more.

We had three people test it and they all had lucid dreams in the first few days.

It is certainly possible to have lucid dreams within the first week with this kit but in order to have them frequently (or every night as Bradley Thompson claims yo can) you really need to invest time and energy into the exercises.

For those of you who believe they may have problems listening to the audio soundtrack all night don’t be dismayed. One of our reviewers could only listen to the track once before bed but still had success.

However, those of us who used the Audio Simulation all night had much more lucid dream experiences.

In short – if you want to wake up in your dreams and control them for whatever purpose you desire then get this kit.

lucid dreaming
Learn to lucid dream in 7 days or less

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