Lucid Problem Solving!

Although not all people remember their dreams each and every one of us has them. Dreams are an important part of the sleep process and studies have shown that people who are awoken before they enter the dream state suffer physically and mentally as a result – regardless of how many hours sleep they actually get.

So, although the reason for having dreams is still debated and not totally understand scientists and dream analysts agree that dreams are important and play a major role in the revitalizing nature of sleep.

So what is the difference between a lucid dream and a normal dream?

Well we all know what normal dreams are; they are experiences we have while we are asleep and are often disjointed and unrealistic although they often seem real at the time.

Lucid dreaming, on the other hand, is dreaming while you are aware that you are dreaming. You are fully conscious during the whole experience and it feels just as real as the world does right this minute!

However, the lucid dreaming experience has many more exciting aspects to it than just experiencing the dream as though its real. You can actually control ever aspect of the dream world and the dream characters while in a lucid dream – all the while you experience the full dream as though it were reality!

Having a lucid dream can be the most exciting experience you could ever have. After all how often do you get to experience your fantasies in complete safety and with complete control?

Imagine being able to climb Mount Everest while staying as warm as would you would a tropical beach or just imagine laying on a tropical beach for that matter. Would you like to hold out your arms and fly like superman or fight alien creatures with a light sabre? Perhaps you would just like to vacation with a famous star or be one yourself!

The limitations of lucid dreaming are only confined to the limits of your imagination. If you can think of it in a lucid dream then you can create and experience it! It does not matter how far fetched an experience, environment or situation may be in the real world, in a lucid dream it is possible and what’s more it feels just as real as the real world!

Although lucid dreaming is immense fun it also has some more serious applications. It can be used for creative problem solving since when dreaming, you are not restricted by the laws of nature or the limitations of your own beliefs about what is possible and what is not! You can summon the most famous of creative artists to teach you how to do something or explain a particular problem you have and give you the solution (this has been done many times by lucid dreamers).

In fact you can get even coaching tips to improve your sports performance from the world’s greatest athletes. As your subconscious mind remembers everything it sees it will present to you as real a version of a famous character as its knowledge allows it. If you have watched a famous player perform well at his chosen sport your subconscious mind already knows how he did it and in a lucid dream can show you through your dream celebrity!

Ok, lucid dreaming sounds great but you can’t do it…right?


Anyone can learn to lucid dream when they are taught certain techniques and methods. It has been shown that through the correct plan of action you can have your first lucid dream in seven days or less. Would you like to experience your fantasies a week from now? Then check out the lucid dreaming kit!

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