Lucid Dreaming!

Imagine falling asleep as normal and entering the dream state. Imagine you are on a tropical island with your favourite hot movie star. Now imagine that you are actually in a relationship with that movie star and off in the water is your luxury yacht, fully manned and ready to take to anywhere. If that is not your view of a perfect setting and environment then imagine you are dreaming of the perfect day for you! There is nothing unusual about those types of dreams many people have them and they are pleasurable and make you wake with a smile on your face.

However, imagine for a moment that while you were dreaming and apart of that perfect scene you woke up and became conscious in the dream. Imagine that you were experiencing that dream as being just as real as you view the world around you right now. Would that interest you?

Lucid dreams occur when you become conscious in your dream world. However, a lucid dream is much more than just a conscious realization that you are dreaming. While in a lucid you have full control over everything that happens. Because the entire world is just a fabrication of your mind the merest thought can create, destroy or alter anything and anyone in that dream! Imagine the possibilities!

Lucid dreaming is a skill that is practiced by many people around the world. On average we spend 8 hours a night in slumber and, from a conscious point of view, this is a lot of wasted time. Most people who have lucid dreams were born with the ability and have no real control over when or how they occur, but for a select few lucid dreaming is a skill they have learned and you can learn it too!

There are ways to become lucid in dreams and there are even lucid dreaming kits that guarantee you can do it in seven days or less. Once you have experienced a lucid dream you will definitely want more.

The ability to fly, go to different planets, visit the future or the past or even solve real life problems while you sleep is something that is invaluable. Through lucid dreams anything that you can imagine is possible. We all have dreams and we all have aspirations. What do you think it would feel like if you could experience those dreams, as though they were real, each night?

The great thing about the dream state is that it has no limitations. In a lucid dream you can do anything or be anyone. If you wanted you could be an alien with 10 heads and five legs. Nothing is impossible in this state.

It can often be difficult to express in words how exhilarating lucid dreaming can be but hopefully soon you will be able to discover this for yourself.

To fully understand what a lucid dream is like look around you and imagine that you could change the shape of your environment right now. Imagine you could summon anyone you wanted to you and make them do anything you wanted them to, feel anyway you wanted them to feel and say anything you wanted them to say. Imagine that you could walk into another room of your house or work environment and you were suddenly in a mansion that you owned. All of this happens in real time and feels just as real as the world right now does. That is the power of lucid dreaming

Would you like to wake in your dreams, take control of them and live out your fantasies all in the safety and privacy of your own mind but experiencing it as though it were 100% real? Then check out lucid dreaming now!

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