Lucid Dreaming Reality Checks!

Have you ever wanted to climb Mount Everest, fly a jet fighter, or command a naval fleet? Are there places you would love to see but time, money and other commitments make it an impossibility? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sail the seven seas with Sinbad, battle with a Jedi Knight, marry a celebrity, visit the moon or sip wine on the steps of the coliseum in ancient Rome? Have you ever just wondered what it would feel like to achieve all those long held desires you have? Well, what if you could? Would you be interested?

Lucid dreaming is the ability to awaken fully in the dream state and take control over it. However, you should not confuse a lucid dream with a normal dream. Although often in a dream it may seem real when we awake we realise it was just a dream. Normal dreams are rarely vivid. Even the memory of them makes them seem somehow less reality like than everyday living.

A lucid dream, however, is just as real as the waking state and can, if you choose, be more vibrant and colourful! Imagine it, you have the ability to live your fantasies in a safe setting over which you have full control while you experience very sight, sound, smell and touch as being as real as the world around you right now!

This is the power of lucid dreaming and is the reason it is such a sought after skill!

It has been shown in many trials and experiments that anyone can lucid dream – even those people who think they don’t dream. There are machines that can manipulate the brain to cause lucid dreams in anyone. However, these machines are very sensitive scientific equipment (not created for solely for the purpose of lucid dreaming) and cost a great deal of money.

So, how else can you experience lucid dreaming?

Well, there are proven techniques and methods for creating lucid dreams and one of the easiest to use, which is completely free, is the reality check!

Let me start by saying that this subject seems to may to be a futile exercise. That is until they have their first lucid dream. Then it all becomes clear.

Reality checks are exactly what their title describes. They are a method by which you can check to see if what you are perceiving in this very moment is real or a dream. You simply look around you and ask yourself out loud, if you are alone, or mentally if others are around you a simple question – “Am I dreaming?”

You then look for clues to see if you are dreaming or awake. Of course when you are awake you will know that you are awake but you must perform these checks anyway. Why? Because we tend to carry over into our dreams experiences, visual images, sounds and other things that we encountered throughout our waking day.

When you ask yourself throughout the day am I dreaming, and form the habit of doing this over several days, you will find yourself asking the same question in the dream state!

As you have been checking your environment during the day also, for anything that might indicate you are dreaming you will also do this in the dream. Now, in the dream there will be things that are out of place – like being in your house except it looks completely different, being married to someone other than your real spouse, driving a car you do not own etc.

Once you realise you are dreaming very often this realisation is enough to make you lucid within the dream!

If you do not become lucid right away simply be aware that you are dreaming and then try to change just a little thing in the dream. Everything will immediately spring into life becoming more colourful and vibrant.

Then all you have to do is enjoy!

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