Do You Want to Find Love & Develop Deep Inner Connections on all Levels?

Hypnosis Can Help!

Everyone wants to be loved. Love is a feeling that cannot be likened to any other and cannot be surpassed either. Sometimes though, it feels like true love is as elusive to find as a description of the feeling itself.

If you yearn for love but have been unable to find it then you may be surprised that there is a quick and easy solution!

Attracting Love

The series of products we decided to test ranged from creating love to attracting loving relationships.

After trying several different methods, products and techniques we decided to only bring you the best of the best. In order for us to decide which was the best the product it needed to deliver on a few things.

1. Is it capable of attracting true lasting love?

2. Is it able to improve an existing relationship?

3. Can it be used to increase feelings of love with friend and family?

We found that by far the best method for creating fast and effective results that are long lasting, as connected to this particular goal, is hypnosis.


loveOnce we realised that hypnosis was the most effective method for attracting love we decided to test several different titles from several different suppliers.

We found that Hyptalk delivered the best on their promises because they used hypnosis in conjunction with the law of attraction.

It seems that by using specific hypnotic techniques it is possible to trigger the law of attraction to bring an avalanche of positive situations into your life.

This is especially true for situations that are connected to your emotions – such as developing forgiveness, accepting or releasing your past and creating feelings of love for yourself and others.

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction in its simplest terms means that you attract more of what you focus on in life. Whatever you place your attention on will grow and expand. A practical example of this can be seen in the old saying, “the rich get richer while the poor get poorer”.

The law of attraction is very simple to explain but often hard to implement in your life. The law of attraction states that if you keep an attitude of gratitude for what you already have then what you already have will start to expand in your life. So being grateful for your friendships, for example, will mean that your friendships improve and you attract more friends to be grateful for!

This same application of the law of attraction can be used on an existing love relationship. Develop positive feelings and an attitude of gratitude about your current relationship and you will attract more positive things in that relationship to be grateful for.

This concept can be taken further when you realise that the law of attraction is driven by thought and emotion. It is how you think about your existing friends and how you feel about them that cause the attraction to work.

law of attraction

Therefore, you can use your thoughts and emotions to attract things to you that you do not already have! However, being grateful for existing relationship is easy but how do you develop positive thoughts, feelings and an attitude of gratitude for a relationship that you do not yet have?

The answer to this is both difficult and easy. To be grateful for a relationship that has not yet materialized is as easy as just imaging it. It is easy to get caught up in a ten minute visualization exercise where you are with your perfect partner and feeling great (this instantly triggers the law of attraction to bring that mental picture into reality).

However, consciously sustaining those feelings and thoughts throughout the day is extremely difficult. This is why you need to access your subconscious mind so you can make those thoughts and feelings automatic and thus force the law of attraction to work to bring you what you want fast and accurately!


When you change how you think and feel about your life you actually change your reality. Through the law of att

self-hypnosisraction you new positive thoughts and emotions attract positive situations, circumstances and people into your life.

This means that if you want to find love then you need to become more loving and accepting of love – the law of attraction will take care of the rest!

Hypnosis has been shown to be the fastest and most effective way to create internal changes in your mind and emotional nature.

This is why we found hypnosis to be the most efficient way to attract love and mend existing relationships.



hypnotherapy_victoriaFrom all the hypnosis suppliers we tested for this situation one stood out above the rest for its ability to use the law of attraction to create and also mend love relationships! Hyptalk is a hypnosis site owned by Victoria Gallagher (formerly known as Victoria Wizell).

Victoria is a a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, a Certified HypnoBirthing Facilitator, a Certified Weight Management Specialist, and a Level One Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practioner, so she has the relevant accreditation and experience to perform her work!

The hypnosis titles that we found worked best were a DVD and a CD course

The Hypnotic DVD

The DVD uses good quality visual images which have superimposed positive affirmations scrolling across them while Victoria’s soothing voice guides you into trance.

Interlaced with calming piano music and clever hypnotic language Victoria has added subliminal-type suggestions that are just about audible but not clear to make out (one of the most effective ways to deliver post-hypnotic suggestions!).

Attract Love DVD & Instant Download

The Hypnotic CD Course

attract-loving-relationshipThe Cd course is comprised of 4 hypnotic CD sessions that are designed to optimize your mind and emotional nature in the best way to attract your soul mate. The hypnosis sessions are extremely powerful and each is effective at creating the changes it has been designed to create. They are as follows:

CD 1. Attract your Soulmate

This first CD is a hypnotic guided journey that starts on an enchanted beach. You are then guided to a meeting with your soul mate which is an exhilarating experience! Once you have connected with your future partner within this mental scene you then uncover which current blocks are preventing the two of you from being together in your life and how best to overcome them.

CD 2. I am Magnetic

This hypnotic session is designed to magnetize you to the love you want so you can effortlessly draw it to you through the law of attraction.

CD 3. Confidence with the Opposite Sex

Clever NLP work in interwoven into this hypnosis session that allows you to anchor in feelings of confidence and positivity into your interactions with members of the opposite sex.

CD 4. Create a Healthy Relationship

This session was created to ensure your future relationship is not just loving and healthy but also permanent.

Attract a Loving Relationship Hypnosis Course on CD or MP3



Both these hypnotic titles are very professionally produced and, more importantly, both deliver on their promises. The only difference between the two is personal choice.

Of course both have their positive and negative sides. Getting the most from the DVD means you must keep your eyes open throughout the entire trance session. During this session you will get many visual images that support the hypnotic process and make it much more powerful. This is not a problem with the CDs.

However, with the CDs you do not get the visual cues but can close your eyes and get lost in the whole process.

If you are a very visual person you may prefer the DVD. However, if you want to get the most from hypnosis we would advise you to get the CD course as it offers much more value for money and covers every aspect of relationships that you can think of.

Whichever title you choose you can be assured that the results you get will be outstanding!

Attract Love DVD & Instant Download

Attract a Loving Relationship Hypnosis Course on CD or MP3